French Gunman Dies, Guns Blazing

MerahOne can only hope he doesn’t become some sort of perverse martyr. From AFP:

A self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda militant died in a hail of bullets on Thursday as he jumped out of an apartment window at the end of a 32-hour siege in southern France.

Mohamed Merah, the main suspect in a wave of shootings that killed seven people, had tried to blast his way out of the siege in the city of Toulouse after members of an elite force known as RAID entered his flat.

But Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the 23-year-old had been found dead on the ground in a dramatic end to the lengthy standoff.

“The killer came out from the bathroom shooting very violently. The bursts of gunfire were frequent and hard,” Gueant said. “A RAID officer who is used to this kind of thing told me that he had never seen such a violent assault. RAID officers of course tried to protect themselves, to return fire, and then in the end, Mohamed Merah jumped out of the window with a gun in his hand, continuing to fire. He was found dead on the ground.”…

[continues at AFP]


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10 Comments on "French Gunman Dies, Guns Blazing"

  1. Well, I generally don’t think that randomly shooting civilians is a good thing and I certainly have no sympathies with al-qaeda, but I’ll always raise a shot of bourbon for anyone who goes out in a gunfight with the fucking cops.

  2. I really hope that he really is the guy, not just some delusional nutjob.

    • I hadn’t even considered that eventuality.

      There are always people taking credit for crimes they didn’t commit.

      Or, the shooter might have picked some delusional person to “frame” or otherwise lead the cops back to.

      Then once everyone is off their guard because they think the shooter is dead…

      In any case, he’ll still get that toast I promised.

      • I’ve readed somewhere that this guy was being watched for about a year by the french authorities and all of this madness started to happen and you start to question if any leads that bringed the law enforcement on him might be corrupted by the prejudice for him being a muslim. These killings don’t look like the style of a religious fanatical, when they attack they anounce to the whole world of what they did.

  3. Its a shame he identified himself as Al-Qaeda. If he said he was a Nazi the French government would have just collapsed and surrendered.

    • Misinformation | Mar 23, 2012 at 1:41 am |

       Only after his agenda had been aided by U.S. industrialists and funded by international bankers and, following his destruction, all the nefarious ideas he had learned in his campaign, were covertly smuggled in to, studied by and applied to the societies of those who claimed to be “against such atrocities”. You know, since we’re being glib.

  4. I’m french,ex-punk,leftist,fan of Grant Morisson,strongly interested by occultism since years…so reasonably open-minded but i must say i HATE more and more theses fucking  bastards.
    Tons of wankers with the same profil here,tons… 

  5. gwen jackson | Mar 27, 2012 at 7:19 am |

    too bad he wasn’t murdering little arab kids instead of jews, the US govt could’ve given him a medal…oh well, “chosen people” and all that, i’m sure arab kids deserve to die much more than jew kids, so this is all a-ok! the bad man died, yay!

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