Gun Sales Soaring Driven By Obama “Re-Election” Concerns

MagnumBill Briggs reports on MSNBC:

“Stand Your Ground” laws, which have come under fire as a possible factor in the Florida shooting death of an unarmed black teenager, may be having another impact, too — helping fuel a surge in gun sales.

Gun buyers swamped retailers nationwide last year, prompting a record 16.4 million instant criminal background checks of potential owners, up 14.2 percent from 2010, according to FBI figures. While some buyers may not have followed through with gun purchases or may have been denied, others bought more than one, so background checks are considered a good proxy for sales in the industry.

On Wednesday, gun maker Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced the company was forced to temporarily suspend its acceptance of any new firearms orders due to a barrage of wholesale orders — more than 1 million in 2012 alone. Last year the company shipped a total of 1.1 million firearms. This massive push “exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders,” the Connecticut company said in a news release, adding that it expects to resume normal operations by the end of May …

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  • Eric_D_Read

    The unfortunate thing is that these Stand Your Ground laws are, or at least could be, a sound practice. But the examples of how they’re being interpreted are completely fucked.
    If I am in public minding my own business and someone attacks me, I shouldn’t have any legal obligation to retreat. That doesn’t mean I should have the right to pursue them when they are leaving the area, provoke a confrontation, and then claim self-defense.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    It does seem like packing heat should come with some responsibilities as well as priviledges.

    Gun ownership is not my sort of thing personally.  Not because I’m opposed in principle, but because I know myself, and I know that leaving one of those things lying around my own home is an invitation to trouble.  I’m not the kind of guy who wants to be burdened with the sort of eternal vigilance having that stuff around requires.

    I know lots of responsible gun owners and they take their obligations very, very seriously.  More serious than I care to be.

    Sometimes I think poorly drafted legislation just encourages more marginal people who never would touch a gun if they truly understood the moral duties that ownership entails.

    • Nunzio X

      I think you’re to be commended for having the presence of mind to be a responsible non-owner of firearms; you know that ownership comes with responsibility and you chose wisely. I wish everyone would follow your example.

      I own guns and I occasionally carry a pistol but this mania about Obama’s supposed gun-control agenda baffles me. To me it boils down to the (perhaps recently acquired) hobby of Americans: being scared shitless of everything, all the time. Buy gold, buy guns, buy a decommissioned ICBM site and move in…because the shit is about to hit the fan (one way or the other) and we need to WORRY ABOUT IT.

      What’s more American than thinking: I’m worried, but I know that OWNING STUFF will ease my worries. Consumerism as a cure for mental illness.

      • eyeoftheaxis

        Question: How do you reconcile your liberal politics with gun ownership? Is that not a contradiction?
        Hunter Thompson: I think George Washington owned guns. I’ve never seen any contradiction with that. I’m not a liberal, by the way. I think that’s what’s wrong with liberals. I believe I have every right to have guns. I just bought another huge weapon. A lot of people shouldn’t own guns. I should. I have a safety record. Guns are a lot of fun out here.

      • mannyfurious

        Yeah, the trend in the U.S. at this point and time (has it always been this way?) is everyone wants to be the victim and everyone is scared shitless of everything. Though I hate to come off as a College Freshman who has just recently taken a political science course, I do think both victimhood and being scared shitless propagates–and is propagated by– capitalism. The more we’re scared or depressed, the more shit we’ll buy to feel better about ourselves. 

  • Tchoutoye

    Gun sales soared in anticipation of Obama’s first term. Nothing happened, yet fear of gun control still increases. The paranoid will interpret any (non-)event as a reason to buy yet more guns.

    • Scruffy

      Fear of gun control seems to be rooted in people’s fears that they’d be weak or powerless without weapons.

      • Kancho

         People like that are weak with or without a gun. Owning handguns is a sign of moral decay and bone deep cowardice.

        • Calypso_1

          Go sit on your finger and spin.

          • Scruffy

            Denial, anger, next comes bargaining. That’s the order people usually follow when they learn they’re going to die… I’d say you’re scared you’d die without a gun.

          • eyeoftheaxis

            Facing death realistically does not mean being obsessed by it.

          • Scruffy

            Lol but Hunter S Thomson shot a lady by accident and he shot himself. He really probably shouldn’t have had one. But there was really no way to stop him from getting one.

          • Zero

             your thinking of william s burroughs who shot his wife

          • Scruffy

            No, a woman got in his line of fire, and the shooting was deemed accidental so he wasn’t charged. She was his secretary and survived.

          • Calypso_1

            Don’t even try to pull that Kübler-Ross tripe out for amateur psych night.  Not scared to die with one, not scared to die without one.  Yes my physical organism may experience some of the natural trepidation that the presence of death brings, but my spirit long ago crossed that border with clarity and intention and it is a transition I joyfully await.

          • Scruffy


        • Tim B.

           On the contrary Kancho. I can beat the living crap out someone with a bat, or fill them full of hollow points. No cowardice at all. Bullets just makes things faster….

      • Calypso_1

        Some of us fight quite well without a weapon.  A gun just adds range. 

  • saint_al

    Please go fuck a turd, on all eight brain circuits. 

  • Scruffy

    Solar I’ve noticed them going after the women’s vote through manipulation, and now the people that believe they need guns to kill people with.

  • Redacted

    Don’t those rednecks know that flame throwers are (semi) legal? Come on little rednecks nothing could go wrong with a flame thrower.

  • Russell t

    I’m just as concerned about mitt romney winning as I am about Obama. They both have no respect for the second amendment

    • Heath

      Respect for the second amendment doesn’t afford responsibility or skill of a tool. Half these new gun owners and the ones who started to stock up 4 years ago are “willing” their hopes that their buy might end up in a use. I know I don’t buy canning jars in the anticipation of a bad harvest.

  • Raz

    What! Those dudes really believe that a racial war will really gonna happen? What! They feeded on shit when they where kids or something?

  • GregForest

    Guns to defend yourself from the evil government is a pretty laughable concept to this gun owner. A round of .40 caliber might be adequate to take out a hoody-garbed burglar coming in your window but I doubt will have much effect against a Bradley Fighting Vehicle that is spitting out 25mm depleted uranium rounds through the rock walls of my house as though it is made of paper. Not too sure how I am going to defend myself from armed Predator drones also packing big armament. Body armor is pretty useless against a missile attack. Sorry but the Beatles had it wrong – happiness is a cold gun.

  • rtb61

    Apparently in the US it is only self defence if you have a gun. If you are fighting off an armed attacker and you do not have a gun, you are not defending yourself according to US law, you are an attempted murderer who deserves to be shot.
    This message is brought to your by the NRA, remember if you attempt to defend yourself with your hands you are a criminal and deserve to die.
    Pull out your gun and start shooting and don’t forget the dead person is the criminal and the living ones the victims defending themselves just ask your local law enforcer but do it across the phone, as personal confrontations can and do result in magazine emptying shoot outs (which of course funders of the NRA would not necessarily consider a bad thing as empty magazines require refilling).
    NRA fire first and fire often, there’s money to be made in those penis substitutes.

  • Gunnar Wordon

    The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Says it RIGHT there. Need more explaining?

    • Tim B.

       Spot ON!