Iron Sky: Space Nazis Seek Revenge From The Moon!

Iron Sky is a 2012 Finnish science-fiction comedy film directed by Timo Vuorensola. Set in 2018, it tells a story where German Nazis, after being defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon where they built a space fleet, and are now ready to conquer Earth.

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    Music by Laibach, starring Udo Kier? This is gonna be GOOOOOOOOOOOD.

  • Marklar_Prime

    Wasn’t that building at the end actually a U.S. navy base here on Earth?

  • JaceD

    Is this suppose to be a comedy? Hope so, terrible movie otherwise.

    • Pb

       oh, shut up.  “space nazis”.  needs nothing further.

      • DeepCough

         Hope it turns out better than “Nazi Zombies.”

      • JaceD

        Well it does need something abit more than just “space nazis”. As it is a comedy nazis from the moon is funny, if it was to be some hollywood action sobstory then the movie would be shit, regardless of nazis and space.

        • DeepCough

           Well, lucky for us, this isn’t a Hollywood production, otherwise, it would suck like “Apollo 18” did.

    • Simiantongue

       Yes actually. It’s dark science fiction comedy. According to the film makers.

  • Virus-T

    Revenge of the black brothers.