Morgan Stanley Employee Implicated in Pigs & Prostitution

The bizarre case of Anna Gristina, the accused millionaire madam being charged with running a widespread prostitution ring in the Upper East Side, got even more absurd as her history of pig rescuing and posing in racy photographs surfaced on Wednesday.

Susan Magidson, who has worked with Gristina in saving six pigs over the last few years, told the New York Times:

Pigs are one of Anna’s passions. When people love pigs, in my opinion, they are special and unique — and in my opinion, the chosen ones — because they’re just such a special animal, highly intelligent, emotional animal, so it’s like working with orphans.

All which raises the question, who exactly is Gristina? Is she the 44-year-old, suburban mother of four? A brothel queen bee with nude model ambitions? Or is she simply a misunderstood swine lover?

Adding to the list of peculiar characters is Morgan Stanley employee David Walker, who authorities say had a private meeting with Gristina shortly before she was arrested.

DNAinfo tracked Walker down, and he said he was shocked to hear the allegations: “I’m surprised at having to answer these questions,” he said. “She was the mom next door.”

While Walker has not been officially charged with any crime, he is believed to have been interested in financially advising and supporting Gristina in an online prostitution venture. Prosecutors said, “We picked her up yesterday with a Morgan Stanley banker who she counts a close friend and she had been present at his office for a meeting in which she was trying to solicit money to fund what we believe is another business venture on the internet that involves matching up male clients with female prostitutes.”

But the defense is arguing that Gristina’s “business” and subsequent meeting with David Walker were part of her plan to launch a legitimate online dating site she believed could rival and similar services.

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  1. Would seem that bankers are the biggest Alister Crowley fans. “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law” being their catch phrase.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Mar 10, 2012 at 3:22 pm |

    Reality is stranger than fiction.

  3. and what shocked the business news sites was the cost of service for the brothel she manages, something to the price of $2000 a night or so

  4. The US is a strange country.

    A president can start two wars just because he wants to and get away with it, but if a woman sells pussy, she’s an arch-criminal.

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