Mysterious Phoenix Light Flashes

The morning traffic report from Phoenix’s West Valley on Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV takes a turn towards the weird:

  • Jakob

    meth lab

    • Vi0let_femme

      haha you’re funny 😀

  • Artor

    I’m betting on a transformer. It looks exactly like other transformer explosions I’ve seen, and I think faulty reporting from the utility is more likely than the Celestial Convergence tagged to the video.

  • arfer

    Looks like it came from the arse end of one of those tourists from Iowa. Finally knows what good Sonoran hot sauce is.

  • DeepCough

    Someone better inform Sarah Connor.

  • Michael J. Petro

    “APS officials say an employee came forward last weekend and informed them of the breaker opening that caused no damage to equipment and no power line replacement.”