NASA Releases Mayan Apocalypse Debunking Video

Donald Yeomans, a leading scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, takes on various of the December 21, 2012 apocalypse theories. Why NASA decided it needed to invest in a debunking effort is unclear…


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  • Daphne Graves

    Why would they take the time to explain this anyways

  • Appletree_Farms

    You know I never gave the 2012 or Nibiru conspiracies that much thought until I saw this. Why would NASA do this?

    • Mamagriff50

      Why? Kinda smells like a cover-up. Every time the government does something there’s a reason. And it is usually not for the publics benefit.

    • Haystack

      In a misguided attempt to educate the public about (real) science, apparently. 2012 is more a dogma than a rational belief system, though. 

      If they don’t talk about it, it is said that they’re afraid to consider ideas that challenge their orthodoxy. If they do talk about it, it’s taken as evidence that they’re desperate to cover something up. 

      • MrSta

        Yes, yes, yes, and yes

  • Peetr

    Why did they take time to do this?  Because the 2012 meme has become HUGE… hell there was a major (shitty) movie release about it… 

    That being said… That NASA guy has obviously never taken 3 solid tokes of DMT.  I’d like to see him debunk 2012 then!

    • Liam_McGonagle

      My guess:  Tea Baggers in the House held up funding for the anti-Flat Earth video because it was too controversial.  NASA could probably scrape together less than $20 in change from all the cushions throughout all their offices, so this was the best they could do.

    • Monkey See Monkey Do


  • Oneloveinus

     They (when I say they I mean “they”) don’t have the manpower to patrol all the streets if utter chaos would ensue among the general public. Sure films that scare people are great, they’ve worked since films were invented but you can’t have people so scared they start trashing things and running around screaming and the like..that’s just a bridge too far. So scare them, bring them back in…scare them again, bring them back in. It’s a highly effective cyclical procedure and it works wonders for population control. “Don’t worry we have it all under control.” They have control, you don’t have control and if you lose control then no one has control and that’s just not acceptable. And it’s my guess this video is for grandma and grandpa PBS viewing types. It reminds me of being 8 and laying on my grandmothers living room floor and watching PBS.

  • photios

    Apocalypse means revealing the truth. The Mayans have nothing to do with Niburu. At this point there has been so much attention given to that date I would be surprised if no one at least tried to hijack the day for god knows what. My own studies have left me a touch agnostic; the truth makes itself known in it’s due course.

  • Zenc

    The Feds, and specifically in this case NASA, must completely mistake the level of suspicion and distrust the general population holds for the Government these days.

    The U.S. Government, its leaders, its departments and agencies, and its spokespersons, have no credibility at all.

    Their record of deceit is so bad, in fact, that a reasonable person should always immediately suspect the opposite of whatever the Government is saying. Doing so will put you far closer to the truth than accepting whatever version of events the Government is spinning.

    My distrust of them runs so deep, that if NASA held a press conference and said “Don’t worry the Sun is going to rise tomorrow.” I would actually worry that it might not, even though I’d have no other reason to suspect anything was wrong with the laws of physics.

    (Just to be clear, I’m not one of the people who thinks “the world is going to end” this year.)

  • DeepCough

    Oh, no, it’s not gonna be a giant planet, a solar storm or even shifting axes that will cause global catastrophe–it will the the upcoming general election of the United States that decides that.

    • Zenc

      Indeed, and no matter which way we vote, we’re F****D.

  • citizen astrobiologist

    Why did NASA need to invest in a debunking effort?  Because they are barraged by questions from people freaking out of their gourds from the hype that the world is ending.  Scared, confused people write NASA asking about Niburu and 2012, enough that it shows up in their FAQs.  They’ve had debunking efforts going for years.

  • JSage

    Who cares what NASA thinks about anything?  They’re about the most shifty, secretive agency in the US.  Their credibility just isn’t there.  

    • Artor

      Oh hardly, ever hear of the NSA? I don’t trust the bureaucrats in charge of NASA, but the actual scientists are okay.

  • Big Al

    NASA feeling the pressure of the social revolution?

  • Hank Hill

    Please savor the irony that an early member of the Jet Propulsion Lab was none other than Jack Parsons, rocket scientist and OTO member, whose Babalon Working was intended to bring about the entry into the world of the Beast predicted in the Revelation of St. John.

  • MrSta

    I find it tragic that NASA is reduced to making videos to persuades dafties against believing daft bullshit.