Occupy Back At Zuccotti Park

Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30 2011 Shankbone 21Did any disinfonauts go to Zuccotti this weekend? If so please supplement this report from Reuters:

Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested during the weekend as police cleared New York’s Zuccotti Park, where demonstrators had gathered for the struggling movement’s six-month anniversary.

The park remained closed on Sunday with a sprinkling of police surrounding it, keeping the area clear while crews cleaned up following Saturday night’s protests. A sweep just before midnight, when roughly 300 demonstrators had gathered in the park, capped a day of protests and marching in lower Manhattan.

The New York Police Department said it arrested 73 protesters between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning…

[continues at Reuters]


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  • Disinfo_censors_dissent

    >Did any disinfonauts go to Zuccotti this weekend?

    No, they were all too busy playing Skyrim and recovering from the rat bites and Zucotti Lung infections they got from the filthy living conditions.

    • Jin The Ninja

      skyrim!?! no way man, ff13-2.

      • Hadrian999

        Cyan was the last cool character to appear in FF

        • Jin The Ninja

          squall or zell? cloud? sephiroth? titus?

          maybe it’s the manga geek in me but i find them to have a certain ‘shonen’ appeal.

          • Hadrian999

             when the heros started to like male bodies with female heads topped with club kid hair wielding 1200 pound swords the series sucked