One Weekend At Occupy Wall Street

Toronto filmmaker Bert McKinley lets his camera do the talking:

In early October 2011 I went down to New York City to spend a long weekend at Zuccotti park – Campsite for Occupy Wall Street. This is what I saw and some of people I talked to in my 3 days spent at Occupy.


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4 Comments on "One Weekend At Occupy Wall Street"

  1. Smudgeservices | Mar 23, 2012 at 9:01 am |

    buckle up people of the world. last year the roller coaster made the long climb at the beginning of the ride, this summer we take the drop. its gonna be one helluva ride.

  2. Wash that make-up off your goddamn face! Get rid of your tie-dyed clothing!
    This is what loses credibility for these protests. The occupiers need to look like “average” Americans so that the people of America will identify and join in.
    Much respect to those ordinary looking protesters!
    This is not a carnival sideshow- This is serious shit!

  3. Oh yeah, one more thing… supporting the tobacco companies seems to me to be at odds with the anti-corporate theme… just sayin’

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