Only 32 Percent of Kony 2012’s Invisible Children Charity Went to Direct Aid Last Year

Invisible ChildrenVia ABC News:

… Russell said the charity’s programs in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan included the building of a rehabilitation center, an expanded and early-warning radio network connecting communities and an LRA crisis tracker, which is a mapping platform and data-collection system.

But Visible Children pointed out that although Invisible Children had spent more than $8.6 million last year, “only 32 percent went to direct services with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production.”

Russell defended the group’s spending, saying that Invisible Children needed to spend money on advocacy and awareness of young people, especially in the West.

“Let’s be honest. They set the agenda. What they like matters,” he said. “We need to educate and transform and reshape [their] paradigm to saying, ‘This is what really matters. This is what we can really do.’ … So we do spend money on our films and on our advocacy and awareness. We are proud of that.

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  • Mike Simon

    Well, if awareness was what they were after, I’d say that it was money well spent.  

  • luther_blissett5

    If you really think I was getting rich off IC, you seriously think I’d be having to walk around naked suffering from dehydration and malnutrition?!

    • Matt Shondrick

      fuck you jason, we dont want to hear your mouth any more.

      • luther_blissett5

        Sorry, but I won’t shut up until Kony is dead and the children of Uganda are liberated.

        • JaceD

          Or until all of Kony’s children soldiers are dead? The fact that Kony hasn’t been heard from in over 5 years (possibly dead) doesn’t bother you? You’re words are about 25 years too late buddy.

          But hey, don’t let reason get in the way, just go with the latest anti-estab-fad, I’ve heard it’s cool to hate ghosts.

        • Matt Shondrick

          nah, you wont stop till your fucking wallet is filled

  • Michael G. O’Hair

    “with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production”

    AKs and tickets to Africa for posing with fighters are expensive.

    • Haystack

      Yes, but once Kony sees how many likes the Kony2012 campaign has on FB, he’s bound to give up. 

  • JaceD

    It isn’t cheap making trendy videos, fashionable tshirts, cool wrist bands and awesomely designed posters. These are essential to anyone who wants to play revolutionary on their days off- Oh and also you need to keep your facebook status updated with the latest “awareness” news on Kony2012 because that’s what helps save lives.

    • John Smith

       And doing all that is a form of masturbation.

  • SF2K01

    So they finally admit that the whole campaign isn’t about actually helping anyone, it’s about sending the message that they don’t agree with bad stuff that happens around the world. Great, it’s Darfur all over again.

  • Andrew

    Invisible charity, and invisible pants.