Police Violence Against Occupy the Midwest

Image via Twitter @OccupiersFilm

Image via Twitter @OccupiersFilm

Natalie W writes at Diatribe Media:

An Open Letter To The St. Louis Mayor, Chief of Police, and Media

Dear Mayor Slay and Chief Isom,

My name is Natalie and I’m a member of Occupy Chicago. Please know that I only speak for myself and am not claiming to represent the opinions of Occupy Chicago or any other Occupations. I am however a sister in the global revolution of citizens united to restore power to the people and remove corporate influence over the state, among other initiatives.

On Thursday, March 15, 2012, I watched a livestream feed of Occupy the Midwest and saw my Occupy family was smashed with cold police batons as they attempted to comply with illogical regulation of public land, the space specifically bought and maintained with public dollars. Simply, I watched the footage of senseless violence wrought against as they crossed the street, attempting to obey police orders to disperse from Compton Hill Reservoir Park. I watched my Occupy family brutalized, lead away in handcuffs with blood oozing from of their faces.

According to an article by Brandie Piper of KDTV, “Police said the protesters yelled and cursed at police as officers asked them to leave. The protesters walked into the intersection, which police said blocked traffic on Grand.”

By the logic of your actions that night, free speech became a rationalization for pummeling fellow human beings. The actions of your riotous police squad have revealed your fear. If 120 dedicated students, workers, parents, brothers, and sisters are such a threat to your grasp of power, your grip must be sliding out of your hands quicker than we Occupiers realized. It is easy to react in violence and only demonstrates your lack of control and unwillingness to cooperate with us to broker a peace where we can achieve our goals.

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  1. You Disinfo mods need to stop with the Police stories before I overdose on my Blood Pressure meds trying to avoid a stroke.

  2. Investinourftre | Mar 23, 2012 at 9:39 am |

    In the last 3 year acts of police violence on normal everyday citizens has increased 300%.  Who is Policing our Police?

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