Search Engines Pressured To Doctor Results To Favor Copyright Industries

Lego-Google-via-FlickrGovernments and corporations want to make sure that you see only approved material. Raw Story writes:

TechDirt’s Glyn Moody reveals that “the UK government is pressurising search engines to police search results in a way that goes well beyond notice and take-down.”

What the British government is after amounts to the artificial promotion of “approved” online music and film services, combined with a blacklist of websites accused of infringement which would be completely excluded from search results. As Moody notes, a system of this sort could easily lead to the censorship of a great deal of legitimate content with no oversight or appeal.

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  1. Sytallix | Mar 5, 2012 at 2:07 pm |

    It’s getting pretty obvious that the internet is the new target for governments/special intrest groups across the world.  In order for them to maintain control and keep the flow of money rolling directly into their pockets, the nature (acess to information) of the net must be “regulated” and thereby controlled by the same crooks who have everything else on this planet.

    • They are pushing very hard for copyright and is obvious why, is the source of most of their illegitimate wealth and power, if information and inventions were open for the benefit of all, how could they maintain the brutal inequality of the status quo?

  2. i like piracy, if only to protest that tactics used to silence it shouldn’t be

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