Secret Female Ninja School In Iran

A unique ninja training school for women opened by Ninja Master Akbar Faraji in Karaj, Iran:

  • thatguy

    not very secret now is it.

    • DeepCough

      This is clearly a distraction from their real ninjas!

    • Malk

       that’s what I was gonna say….
      like “teen” threads on a porn board wait… nevermind…

  • Ronniedobbs

    james bond’s wet dream

  • Jim

    Can’t we all just dance!?

    • Jim

      Our secret weapon is a bunch of Monkeys that will protect our Homeland and infiltrate theirs.

      • Jim

        A possible combat situation using Monkey Kung Fu. Now if apes were do this technique, it would be devastating to the moral of the woman.  of sending them back to the stone age,  send them back to the Kitchen!

        • DeepCough

           Here’s another situation of a Monkey using Kung Fu.

          • Jim

            that’s hilarious!

        • Chaorder Gradient

          fighting movies were much better before crouching tiger style wire work

          • Jim

            I agree! The new movies are too polished, plus there are no funny parts.

    • Marklar_Prime

      Ninja dance off! Bring it. It’s ON!

  • Charlotte

    As a female, is it terrible that for a second there I was like “Aww, I’m jealous! Why can’t I go to ninja-girl school?”

    Hm…burqas…ninja skills…burqas…ninja skills…

  • microtitan

    If by “Secret” you mean next to a sidewalk in public, and a bunch of various articles about it with video

  • C.

    Really are westerners this foolish to joke and not know that ninjitsu is actually real.
    While western women shop til they drop buying knock-off shit made in China, Iranian women could kick Western mens’ asses.

  • Xenobia_mia

    Hahahaa!!! Defend the Islamic homeland of Iran? Bullshit, half of iranian youth dont care about Islam

  • WingChunBear

    Its on the internet….not very secret anymore is it?

  • Abortz

    the marines would slaughter them with bullets. close combat in modern warfare is a joke