Sex-Deprived Male Fruit Flies Turn to Alcohol

Fruit FlyReports Bloomberg via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Male fruit flies become barflies when rejected by females, choosing alcohol-spiked food more often than their successful brothers in a study that suggests it may be due to a brain chemical also found in humans.

The spurned flies had lower levels of a molecule in their brains called neuropeptide F than the males who were allowed to mate, according to findings published today in the journal Science. Neuropeptide Y, the version found in humans, has been tied to addiction and mental illness, said Ulrike Heberlein, one of the researchers.

The molecule may begin to explain how experience and environment shape human addictions, said Heberlein. About half of a person’s risk of addiction is genetic, and environment is known to play a role. The experiment may help explain the biological triggers that affect certain behavior or cravings and could help research into treatments for addiction …

Read more: Bloomberg via the San Fransisco Chronicle

4 Comments on "Sex-Deprived Male Fruit Flies Turn to Alcohol"

  1. We need to get them help. 

  2. DeepCough | Mar 20, 2012 at 11:07 am |

    Ah, fruit flies: so like us humans.

  3. once they hold an a.a meeting we can say they have conciousness

  4. ooo so they didn’t physically turn into alcohol…damn

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