Tempus Omnia Vincit

Charles II, known as El Hechizado ("The Hexed").

Charles II, known as El Hechizado ("The Hexed")

“Time Conquers All”, in Latin. A pithy little meditation on the transience of this vale of tears, paradoxically immortalized by being phrased in a dead language.

My pal Pete found it written on the bottom of a half empty beer can around closing time at the local beer garden, as we basked in Wisconsin’s recent and unusually mild late March weather. Or rather, I suggested he’d find it there.

I told him it was the lucky password the bar’s owner had written on the bottom of a randomly selected can as part of a free promotional giveaway contest. Turns out in actuality there was only an expiration date written there. And by the time he’d flipped the can over to read, it was completely emptied. Mostly onto Pete himself.

I laughed, but the barkeep seemed a little annoyed, as some of the beer had spilled on other patrons who didn’t quite get the joke. We took that as our cue to skee-daddle and started off on our walk down the hill back to my shack to sleep off our hangovers. It’s a bit of a trek, and the pleasant mellow glow of the country moonlight put us in a contemplative mood, so we had a good chat on the way. Some of it seemed pretty profound, worth sharing with a wider audience, so I decided to recount a bit of it here.

“What the fc*k was that “Tanta Alea Vexat”[1] sh*t about, then?” sez Pete.

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  1. Whither Zither | Mar 24, 2012 at 9:51 pm |

     No comments yet? Poor Liam M must be feeling ignored and worthless.

    Totally off topic, Mr McG, but I have a question about your blog. In one of the recent entries, I forget which one, you claim that there’s a “war on the middle class.” You don’t cite any specific, reputable source to prove your thesis.

    Assuming for the sake of argument that you’re correct about this war on the middle class, how exactly does this war result in 87% of Americans not balancing their checkbooks? I ask because according to a recent issue of Consumer Reports (with the cover story about bank fees and how to minimize them) a large survey revealed that about 87% of Americans don’t balance their checkbooks. And according to a range of studies and surveys, the majority of Americans don’t use a budget to set financial goals and track their spending (see, for example Fetterman, Mindy. “Financial diet tip #1: Carve up your expenses.” USA Today 22 April 2005: B1; which found that 80% of Americans don’t use a budget )

    Presumably, failure to take even the slightest bit of personal responsibility for one’s own finances is a factor in the plight of the middle class. But if there is in fact a war against the middle class, is the middle class’s neglect of their finances directly related to the war — comparable to, say, a village neglecting their crops because they’re too busy fighting off Ghengis Khan? Or is the middle-class’s laziness and/or stupidity about their finances a phenomenon unrelated to the war against them?

    Or, alternately, Have the overlords of the 1% created some sort of mind control ray gun, perhaps from plans recovered in their stash of Tesla’s private notebooks, that they use to make most Americans too lazy and/or stupid to track their own spending?

    And, at the risk of flirting with the ad hominem, do you use a budget and balance your checkbook, Mr McG?

    Perhaps you should write a blog post about #occupycheckbook and #occupyspreadsheet and #occupybudget. But I doubt that post will get any comments either. Personal responsibility is so bourgeois. Only a fascist like Ayn Rand or Sean Hannitty could believe in such an outdated concept as personal responsibility. 

    P.S. After y’all are finished bashing capitalism, don’t forget to click on the sponsored links and buy lots of authorized Disinfo Merch®! They take Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Paypal.

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