The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs [Mike Daisey]: His Reaction To Critics

Mike DaiseyVia Mike Daisey’s blog for audio and transcript on The Atlantic :

Last night, at a long-scheduled appearance at Georgetown University, Mike Daisey gave his first public talk since the news broke last Friday that This American Life was retracting the now-infamous episode featuring his work. Daisey is a complicated and conflicted figure, and, it’s hard not to feel complicated and conflicted about him and about his work. His talk last night, which I’ve transcribed below as best I could, provides a new dimension to the story that is now at the center of a scandal.

This is my first scandal. (Laughter)

I haven’t had another one like it.

And, as they say, if you’re going to go, go big.

And so, I was on the train down here today, and I was keenly aware that I was coming down to talk about “Art and the Human Voice in the Global Labor Struggle,” and I was keenly aware of the situation that I have been embroiled in, that I embroiled myself in …

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  • Jason Johnston

    The word is pronounced high per bol lee not high per bowl. Arghhhh!!!

    • Jin The Ninja

       maybe he’s being “eye-wron-ick”

    • Chaorder Gradient

      Is the Hyper Bowl even bigger than the Super Bowl?

  • BuzzCoastin

    i kinda get the hubbub about this
    but isn’t this what “straight” mainstream journalism does all the time
    selectively report the facts
    and make-up ones that fit the needs of the publisher

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