The Mammoth Eyeball Of Planet Mars

marseyeVia Zapato Productions intradimensional, a century ago, at least one major newspaper reported on a flavor-of-the-moment theory, attributed to scientists at California’s Lick Observatory, that Mars contained a giant, sentient eye:

An artist’s rendition of the eye of Mars. It’s not a metaphorical depiction. What you see is exactly what the theory claimed: “A vast eye, upon a flexible, transparent neck raises itself high above the surface of Mars and can watch the growth of its vegetable body upon any part of the surface.” Its “vegetable body” is a Mars-hugging super-organism of intelligent vegetable life that creeps along the cracks left in the drying Martian surface.

The Martian Eye theory was put forward as an explanation for the shifting white patches just perceptible to telescopes, which less paranoid minds ascribed to mere seasonal snow. The illustration comes from an article about this startling new theory printed in the Oct. 13, 1912, Sunday magazine section of the Salt Lake Tribune.

  • Dunzain

    I think it is safe to say WTF now.

  • Anarchy Pony

    What were they smoking back then? ‘Cause I want some! 

    • Dunzain

      Yes, this wine I am drinking now is not up to expectations. It is called Lobetia. I was expecting Lobotomy, I am really displeased with the “Vino De La Tierra De Castillia” now.

    • Jin The Ninja

      i dunno about smoke, but laudanum for sure. it makes for distinctly paranoid kind of crazy.

      • DeepCough

         That might explain the “Face of Mars.”

    • Anarchy Pony

      Speaking of vaguely sci fi-ish things, who else is fucking psyched for Mass Effect 3? Anyone? I am gonna make the Reapers fucking fear me, then I’m gonna make the Illusive Man regret he ever met me. Or maybe the order will be reversed, I dunno yet. 

      • Jin The Ninja

        i’m excited for mass effect trois, but i’m more excited for the slew of j-rpgs out this year like tale of graces.

        • Anarchy Pony

          Oh JRPGs, Jin you’re killin’ me. Well, to each their own.

          • Jin The Ninja

            well in fairness did just play through reckoning kingdom of amalur.

          • Jin The Ninja

            and as a sidenote, i am ‘azn’ so inside of me hides a fobby-nerdy HK girl who dresses like an anime character…so of course jrpgs are appealing…:P

          • Anarchy Pony

            Makes sense.

          • Jin The Ninja

            or let me amend that to a fobby boy main character from shonen jump. lol.

          • Anarchy Pony

            All I know is that Vash the Stampede is the greatest anime character of all time.

  • Okarin

    probably given the standard debunking, just some shadows from the sun

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    Clark Ashton Smith wrote a great story which I am now inclined to believe was influenced heavily by this theory! Neato!

  • Phantom

    Looks like a space elevator to me….is this where they got the idea from?

  • craftygirl

    Alcohol doesn’t give you this kind of halucination, and I don’t do any other drugs. I guess I’m screwed!! More power to those of you who buy into this!

  • Hadrian999

    the dark lord of  mordor has arisen on mars