The Seven Worst International Aid Ideas

cluster111Matador Network on the “worst attempts at helping others since colonialism”. There’s the inexplicable — entrepreneur Jason Sadler’s 1 Million T-Shirts campaign, which involved producing and shipping a million t-shirts for donation to strife-affected (but presumably clothed) Africans for no apparent reason.

But the actual worst may be the United States’ scattering the hills of Afghanistan with food packets — intended for hungry Afghan children — identical in appearance to the cluster bombs also scattered by the U.S. through the same regions:

Each yellow BLU-97 bomblet is the size of a soda can and is capable of killing anyone within a 50 meter radius and severely injuring anyone within 100 meters from the detonation. A Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR) package contains a 2,000 calorie meal.

It was inevitable that Afghans coming across the yellow packages in the field would confuse the two. Children in particular — with no English and little idea of what a BLU-97 is even if they did — would investigate the yellow containers and try to pick them up, with devastating consequences that an Air Force general described as “unfortunate.”

  • Malk

    and I’m supposed to assume that was an accident?_?

  • Investinourftre

    There’s only 1?  WTF put the joint down.

    • Andrew

      Click the link and check the source page.

      • Investinourftre

        I will shortly after this joint.

  • Jin The Ninja

     “as Zizek explains most succinctly,
    is that on a big-picture level, TOMS (and other
    buy-my-product-and-donate companies) are busy building the exploitative
    global structure that produces economic inequality, while on the other
    hand pretending that supporting them actually does something to fix it.”

    • Nerf Herder

      “It doesn’t. It just gives people shoes.”

      one of the best cut and dry statements from the article

      • Jin The Ninja

        agreed. had a bit of a lol (dryly) there.

  • Vittu

    Probably intentional.

    • Jin The Ninja

       colonialism always is.

  • Raz

    And the american gov. really gives a damn about people that are not american, white, christian and rich?

    • Jin The Ninja