The TSA According To South Park

In the latest season premiere of South Park, the Transportation Security Administration gets a long, long overdue lampooning:

  • A.Lizard

     Don’t worry, the elites that use private jets don’t have to put up with ANY of this shit. Feel better?

  • Redacted

    I actually almost took a job with the TSA. I couldn’t rationalize beating up old ladies all day, or really doing any of the things I would have had to do in the job. I did too much of that in Iraq, no need to do it at home.

    • Hadrian999

      I could never have gone on to the TSA after the army, I have never met a tsa agent i didn’t punch directly in the face

  • BuzzCoastin

    what makes this funny is
    that it’s not too far from the present Amerikan Dream
    you have the right to remain silent

  • Jarelfromtx

    I Need big brother to hold my hand when I travel! 

  • Justin Mitchell

    Lol, that was hilarious! Our ‘Powers That Be’ do seem to have a fetish for orifices, so this probably isn’t too far-fetched.  Human society is so funny when you step back and look for the logic in our daily actions, (or lack thereof). We could teach Vogons lessons on useless, bloated, top-heavy bureaucracies.

  • Peetr

    Nothing but sick Libertarian humor.  Obama 2012.  Go TSA!

    • Jin The Ninja


    • Yer Dad

      Go TSA? Wow, you must like being fondled and having your
      cavities searched.

      Or you’re joking.

    • Redacted

      Libertarians don’t have a sense of humor. They emulate their idol Ayn Rand in being ugly, hateful creatures with no redeeming qualities. That explains so much about South Park.

      • Draculoid

         i don’t know if south park’s creators would consider rand an idol…in fact, the show even had an episode where they called atlas shrugged a piece of crap.

    • Jingo

      fuck off. you’re clearly ignorant as to what is really happening.

  • Potter Dee

    why would you think this video was going to stay up.  Now that it is gone, the post probably should too

  • DeepCough

    Goddammit, Disinfo, I told you not use fucking Youtube!

    Reverse CowgirlGet More: SOUTHPARKClyde Donovan,Randy Marsh,more…

    • Disinformation

      Full link to episode was always there from the South Park Studios website and clip changed as well (if you can’t view based on your location, it’s’s restrictions.

      • DeepCough

        …..My bad.

  • Ceausescu

    I saw this video 2 days ago.

    Now, it says it’s unavailable :s

    Can someone please enlighten me ?

  • collection4u

    Obama 2012.funny and interesting

  • Ancient Mariner

    Tell the administration to withhold funding from TSA until they respect the Constitution and the public:

    1. Remove and destroy all imaging machines that potentially can “see” under our clothing.
    2. Cease and desist all invasive patdowns that involve touching genitalia unless there is probable cause to believe that the individual has committed a crime.
    3. Cease immediately harassment of people who assert their constitutional rights during airport screening.

    Thanks for signing.