The United States Under Permanent State Of Emergency

Did you know that we in the U.S. are living under the gravest of danger, like, always? Via Parapolitical:

Due to a variety of crises, the United States has been in an almost continuous State of Emergency since 1941.

A declaration of emergency allows the President to exercise any of approximately 500 powers contingently delegated to him by Congress, from the dramatic – such as the seizure of ships in port (50 USC § 191) – to the mundane – such as the waiver of vehicle weight limits on a section of I-95 in Maine (23 USC § 127).


  • Peder Bergenwall
  • Mr Willow

    Makes sense. . . those in power need a perpetual state of emergency to cast themselves as the protectors of those they seek to control. 

    There must always be a crisis so as to secure a sense of ‘need’ in the minds of the populace. 

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Which is why I’ve pimped out Chez McGonagle with thick, cushioned padding from floor to ceiling.  No chance of the ghost of Karl Marx catching me out on so much as a stubbed toe.  Totally outsmarted ’em all.

    Also, I live in an oxygenated hypersterile plastic bubble.

  • Okarin

    the next president is gonna have the name palpatine

    • Jin The Ninja

       fitting, because palpatine was also an elected senator, who gave himself more and more emergency powers until he controlled the republic. key word being ‘republic.’ not democracy.

  • Grimmind

    yep just keep findn new reasons

  • Guest

    Yep. A state without crisis has become unthinkable.