The War in Afghanistan Is Mutiny by a Different Name

MilitaryClancy Sigal writes at AlterNet:

Military uprisings among the lower ranks have a long and fairly honorable tradition. The famous mutinies include Bligh’s HMS Bounty, the Indian Sepoy rising, Russian battleship Potemkin, British sailors’ strike at Invergordon, and lesser known mass revolts by French infantry divisions at the failed “Nivelle offensive” in 1917, Port Chicago in 1944 by African-American sailors refusing to unload dangerous cargo, U.S. soldier strikes in the Pacific against General MacArthur, and of course widespread GI resistance in Vietnam that broke the back of the war.

Afghanistan is an army mutiny by another name — on both sides. In “green on green” killings, Afghan soldiers have been on a spree killing American and NATO soldiers. Now an American sergeant, on his fourth combat tour, with previously diagnosed transitory brain injury, has “gone postal,” murdering 16 Afghans including women and nine children.

Yet the army doctors at the killer sergeant’s home base, Joint Fort Lewis-McChord, considered him “fit for combat duty” and as for his brain injury he was “deemed to be fine.”

Fort Lewis-McChord, in Washington state, is notorious for its cruel handling of returned combat veterans. Its forensic psychiatry unit at Madigan Medical Center had two doctors fired for mistreatment or otherwise ignoring soldier complaints. The two included lead psychiatrist Dr William Keppler under whose leadership 285 diagnoses of PTSD were reversed because “we have to be good stewardships of the government’s money.” Since 2010, 26 GIs from Fort Lewis-McChord committed suicide …

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5 Comments on "The War in Afghanistan Is Mutiny by a Different Name"

  1. Lies and slander. The United States Army as a whole as conducted these pointless wars with the same professionalism and good conduct it is known for. We have a few bad apples, and we will hang them.

    I only speak as an Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran of the United States Army Infantry though, so maybe some pants shitting liberal knows more about combat than me. I’m sure he has many hours of Call of Duty under his belt, so maybe he can teach me about war.

    Maybe he can teach me about why mass killings are covered up when they happen? Because one happened here, and I can attest that as a Veteran I would shoot these idiots myself if I could. I behaved with honor when I was called to the sandbox. These morons couldn’t even maintain the decency to not shoot civilians. They are not my Brothers.

    • Adan Morales1969 | Mar 28, 2012 at 2:57 am |

      The article isn’t a condemnation of the military as a whole, its about how the command structure treats its soldiers. Has there been a war in modern history, or history in general where the tours of duty are as long, brutal, and seemingly pointless as Iraq and Afghanistan? How many tours does it take to PTSD a soldier out?

      The latest soldier accused of murder was on his fourth tour, no? Acting completely professional after 4 tours of combat is a lot to ask of anybody.

      So are they really bad apples, or have they just reached the limit of human endurance?

    • In the hundreds of comments I have read about this killing spree, this is the first one that blamed the soldier. Both conservatives and liberals seem to agree that something like this was bound to happen because of our decade-long, aimless, thankless war in Afghanistan. We all realize the impossibly hard job the soldiers do, and realize that in the same position, any one of us could snap.

  2. Acridness | Mar 28, 2012 at 7:57 am |

    Kids with guns.

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