Video Game Conference Protesters

If video games are an artform and/or shaping societal force, when will there be video game activism? From last week, via

“GOD HATES GAME DESIGNERS” and “THOU SHALT NOT MONETIZE THY NEIGHBOR”, seen outside the Game Developer Conference, San Francisco. via Jack Murphy; photographer unknown.


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  1. Hadrian999 | Mar 15, 2012 at 6:25 pm |

    god hates game designers….ok so what, god is pretty much a pussy these days, I blaspheme about 37 times a day and I’m not a pillar of salt or swallowed by a whale, or plagued by boils or anything, the old boy has lost his game

  2. I work at a video game studio… and given the economy we are still flourishing. Seems to me like God LOVES Game Designers… 

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