What James Cameron Saw At The Deepest Spot on Earth (Video)

Mariana TrenchMore people have been to the Moon than to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Reports Steve Gorman on the Christian Science Monitor:

Returning from humankind’s first solo dive to the deepest spot in the ocean, filmmaker James Cameron said he saw no obvious signs of life that might inspire creatures in his next “Avatar” movie but was awestruck by the “complete isolation.” The Oscar-winning director and undersea explorer said his record-setting expedition to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, 7 miles beneath the surface of the western Pacific, not only capped seven years of painstaking preparation but was the “culmination of a lifelong dream.”

Read More: Christian Science Monitor

  • Liam_McGonagle


    That’s an awful long trek just to pay his bag money for Avatar’s success.  Doesn’t Cthulhu’s bank take electronic transfers?

    • Liam_McGonagle

      And an awful lot of $$ and fuss to spend on an expedition yielding less than 3 minutes of footage–of which even less than 30 seconds appear to be of the actual sea.

  • duff

    It even more impressive to think someone did this 50 years ago…..

  • oldbroad

    James how dare you say my vaJJ is 50 times the size of the grand canyon it’s only 10!  Good thing you brought the submersible I wouldn’t want you to have gotten lost down there.  Please send the samples to my gyno XOXO smooches can’t wait until next time 😉

  • Bruteloop

    Finally Cameron finds somewhere with enough room for his ego.

  • Oddfellow8

    Rumor has it, he was looking for a half decent plot for his next film.

    • DeepCough

      Avatar 2 confirmed for 2016.

      • Monkey See Monkey Do

        I wonder if the indigenous community will resort to war to get rid of their imperialist conquerers again. ‘Native Americans ‘hint’ ‘hint”

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