Why Couldn’t Congressman Bobby Rush Wear a Hoodie in Congress? (Video)

Bobby Rush HoodieThe ONLY person to beat Barack Obama in an election. Reports Peter Grier in Christian Science Monitor:

Hoodies on the House floor are verboten, apparently. Rep. Bobby Rush (D) of Illinois was scolded and escorted from the chamber of the House of Representatives on Wednesday morning, when he attempted to give a speech on the need for a full investigation of the Trayvon Martin shooting while wearing sunglasses and a gray hooded sweat shirt. “Racial profiling has to stop, Mr. Speaker,” said Representative Rush while doffing his suit jacket to reveal his hoodie garb. “Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.”

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  • really

    Hoodies are excelent in the cooler weather.

  • perma

  • Redacted

    It’s been proven that wearing a hoodie around drunk racists has killed more black men than malt liquor and fried chicken combined.

  • Kenvallario

    i’ve said this before…this video leaves me with mixed feelings….who am i supposed to root for…the man preaching from the bible on the floor of congress, or those trying to throw him out for making a political point…none of these conversations are sophisticated enough for the problems we face…hoodies are not a valid response for our climate and cultural crisis…

    • mannyfurious

      Well, this is a pretty narrow-minded viewpoint. I’m not a Christian myself, so I’m not defending it from a religious standpoint. But if someone found a relevant point about how human beings should treat each other from Moby Dick, or Sense and Sensibility, or Penthouse magazine, I wouldn’t have a problem with a person quoting from it on the floor of congress. The same goes for the bible or any other religious document. Just because it’s “Christian” or “Muslim” or even fucking “Scientologist” doesn’t mean it’s may not have some good points. The bible is chock full of ways to fuck with your fellow man, this is true… but there are some fine quotes about how to treat others as well…..

  • Jesus Borg

    I just call it like I see it. Its Bullshit to want to look and dress and act like a thug and then if anyone calls you on it turn around and say they are a racist.

    So all blacks are thugs? So if you don’t like thugs you don’t like blacks? Anyway I hate shades indoors too. I am suspcious of anyone walking around acting thuggish and or trying to conceal their identity.

    • Andrew

      They usually wear suits and ties, which is the dress code for the worst thugs.

    • Nunzio X

      But we’re concealing our identities when we use fake names to comment on Disinfo.

      And the cops conceal their identities when they wear face masks while on riot duty or in SWAT operations.

    • Reinhard Mauser

      douche comment. Statistics will prove that of all the people wearing hoodies far less than 1/2% are actually thugs. Jesus Borg is that your name??? 

    • mannyfurious

      This is the dumbest shit ever and it is fucking racist. I wear a hoodie. Most of my friends wear hoodies. We’re all black or hispanic. Most of us spend our free time watching Community and reading comic books. What a bunch of thugs. 

      The problem is that this sort of behavior is just white people being scared of everything. The percentage of minorities involved in “thuggish” behavior is pretty narrow and is generally confined to certain neighborhoods. There are Chicano gang members in L.A. who’ve never evern seen the beach. That blows my mind. Violent acts against white people by minorities is extraordinarily low (in fact, it’s about the same as white on minority crime), but the perception that it is common is exacerbated by the fact that every time something like that happens, it’s reported on the fucking news.

      • Jesus Borg

        awww you poor baby! You want to emmulate the  glorified criminal culture of gangster rap, yet you are offended that not everyone likes you. Awwww….

        • mannyfurious

          Damn… you really got me. There’s obviously no coming back from that. I think I’ll go hide in the farthest reaches of the disinfo message boards until people forget that your comment–and my day of ignominy–ever happened….

        • Jin The Ninja

          please for all our sakes, stay insulated in your little whitebread suburb.

          • Jesus Borg

            I’m actually a reptilian shapeshifter.

          • Jin The Ninja

            skin suits are abhorrent, whereas in the scheme of things, hoodies are simply a part of the post 1980 generation.

    • samthor

      A sweatshirt or jacket with a hood is one of the MOST COMMON clothing items in America. Go to any public crowd (shopping mall) and count how may you see. Housewives, small children, grumpy old men are all wearing them. At any time of the year. … and if it’s raining, most of them have the hood up. Blaming the hood or “thuggish behavior” or “gangsta behavior” is crap.  

  • oldbroad

    I thought only rich multi-platinum selling rap artist dressed like this? 

  • Calypso_1

    House sergeant-at-arms should’ve capped his ass.

  • Heath

    Bang goes the gavel!

    ” Please sir take off your hoodie so we can commence our insider trading!”

    • Calypso_1

      Maybe B-Rush & his Boyz can hook Congress up on that Columbia-Mali-French-cocaine connection that the DeepState is trying to keep to themselves. 

  • StillAtMyMoms

    He was missing just one thing: having his pants down; revealing his boxer shorts.  Fail.

    *here come the liberals/apologists en masse* 

    Ann Coulter can suck my dick too.  Both sides are fucked.

  • Reinhard Mauser

    Kudos for Bobby! More like him in the house and less teabag corporate Koch whores would help gaining some ground for the people.