Advanced Dinosaurs May Rule Other Planets

Fantastic Adventures 1940 Oct coverOkaaaay, Dr. Breslow, let’s hear your theory… (via TG Daily):

It sounds like the plot to a science fiction story, but new scientific research hypothesizes that “advanced dinosaurs” may have evolved on other planets in the universe.

According to Dr. Ronald Breslow, the advanced versions of T. rex and other dinosaurs would likely be monstrous creatures with the intelligence and cunning of humans.

“We would be better off not meeting them,” Breslow concludes in a study that appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

In his report, Breslow discusses the age-old mystery of why the building blocks of terrestrial amino acids (which make up proteins), sugars, and the genetic materials DNA and RNA exist mainly in one orientation or shape…

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  • JaceD
  • Wifh

    this is not bullshit.

  • Redacted

    Probably. We may as well not even count how many stars and planets there are. We speak of numbers where a billion is pocket change.

    We know for sure life exists on at least one planet. Life on other planets is a certainty. It’s form is also sure to be different.

    • Liam_McGonagle

      “. . . . It’s form is also sure to be different.”

      Good point.  Sometimes I imagine what kind of bizarre alternate worlds the reading public have been deprived of by the freak decision of Mitt Romney to pursue a career in speculative finance instead of speculative fiction.

      Who knows, with a strange out-of-the-box thinker like Romney?  I bet there’s a 40 year-old manuscript mouldering in his basement that depicts an alternate reality where Martha’s Vineyard fashionistas actually wear white after Labor Day.

      • assfish

        wtf are you talking about? 

  • Lifobryan
    • Chaorder Gradient

      It all makes sense now!

  • Jesus Borg

    Reptoids are real. There is something to it. It definately exists in the human collective consciousness for whatever reason. Some theories I have read is that dragons are a construct of “fossil memories” of Predatory birds, cats and serpents that form kind a gestalt in our minds representing an archetypal super predator, from our memory of life in the trees.

    Then there is the whole “r-complex” thing.

  • RoboKy

    I have never wanted something to be more true then this.

  • Doomsayer General

    This is a poor interpretation of the research. It has nothing to do with dinosaurs:

  • Limes

    easy to ponder this is. give me something like energy beings, or something that transcends the physical to ponder on

  • Bruteloop

    Intelligence, cunning and better fashion sense.

  • davakins

    quick, get Harry Turtledove on the line!

  • Chaorder Gradient
  • Okarin

    it’s the theory of evolution if that dinosaurs lived to benefit from it

  • Freestuff

    i wonder if they have evolved to make dyno porn, and prejudice against the minority of dynos who sport feathers…   philosoraptor is real and transmits from a galaxy far far away.

  • DeepCough

    People need to quit taking 80’s cartoons so seriously.

  • guest

    I always wondered what those being would be like if they didst get destroyed. Its good to know other people think about that stuff too.

  • Rvolkmar

    gee 50 million years to evolve, yup Dinosaurs built space ships and left the earth to be trashed by humans…

  • Louisasmith1

    wow its too great and Impressive information .