An Overview Of America’s Urban Monsters

Atlantic Cities examines legendary mythological creatures of our country’s metropolises, including the horned Goatman rumored to hide in Ft. Worth’s Lake Worth and the tiny red dwarf blamed for all of Detroit’s historical woes. Most of these reveal more about our collective psyche and fears rather than what is actually secretly living in our midst — although a notable exception is the mole people (lower left) living below the surface of New York, who turned out to be very real, if elusive.


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  1. Redacted | Apr 7, 2012 at 8:12 am |

    It’s funny how many of these monsters were reported by people who had admitted they were drinking.

    Also, the Ancient Aliens guy has assured me that Bigfoot is actually a slave race made to keep tabs on Humans. Probably because of aliens, and he also said that Humans are aliens, so I’m not sure what to think anymore.

  2. There’s a comment made about New York City Mole People, which was interesting to follow up on. Dark Days – Marc Singer.

  3. We went to “Goatman Bridge” to drink when I was a teenager. I lived in Burkburnett TX then about 120 miles northwest of Fort Worth. The story was that the Goatman was (obviously) a Goat / Human hybrid created in a military lab. He escaped and roamed the country side feeding on the flesh of pot-heads. You would think his goat side would make him more of a grazer but I guess the military made him a killing then eating machine.

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