Animal Rights Protester Agrees To Be Tortured

783784-nPerformance art with an undertone of torture seems to be big right now — so at least it’s being put to good use in an animal rights protest shocking passersby in central London. The Herald Sun writes:

A young woman agreed to be tortured in full public view to try and end animal testing. Jacqueline Traide endured ten hours of injections, being smothered in different lotions, and irritants being squirted into her eyes as part of a world-wide campaign by Lush and The Humane Society International.

The stunt took place in a Lush store window on London’s Regent Street, one of the UK’s busiest shopping precincts. Passers-by were stunned by the display, with many stopping to take photos and record the gruesome spectacle with their phones.

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  • Raz

    This goes beyond those ridiculous theatrical protests. And yet still leads to no results.

    • Bungle

      she should rescue animals and nurture them instead.  way more positive symbolism 

  • Zenc

    That’s kind of hot.

    Anyone know where to find the full length video?

    • Bungle

      thinking the same thing. im nice to animals but id sure torture her.

  • SF2K01

    They believe humans and animals should be treated the same, so I guess this is appropriate to them. The sick part is the guy who agreed to torture a human being for ten hours.

    • Hey ho

       atleast the human gave permission. i dont think the animals give much permission. ..

  • 2332

    The only one of those things – haircut, hand lotion and injections – that could possibly qualify as “torture” would be “10 hours of injections” — “10 hours of injections” could be as few as 2 injections.

    Through intentialy vagary, the article itself is actually an expert piece of disinformation, but is fronted at a website exposed to “seeing through” disinformation. Sadly this maddening triple-turn has become very typical here.

    • Jut

      misinformation. JUSSAYIN

  • Opie Cunningham

    Performance art is a refuge for attention whores without artistic talent.

  • Redacted
  • AF

    I love Lush

  • Exiled

    Women being tortured. Love it! 

    If my views scare you, stay in the kitchen. 

  • Guest

    huh, an animal rights group that resorts to using torture to get their point across. 

  • Judasvanderberg

    I’m glad people start taking their own convictions seriously! Even if its oddly kinky. 

  • Bob

    this is so fucked. the humane society is fucked. why the hell is she naked? you’re all perverts this is so so wrong.

  • Asdlkfjskdfj

    did any information come out of the tests on her.. i think not. so it does not correlate in any part of the word

  • Abolitionist__Vegan

    She’s not nude, shes wearing a flesh colored leotard–you can see the color difference in her hands and face vs. the rest of her body.  I would guess because animals who are tortured in labs are not wearing clothing [well, not usually].

    She chose to do this to help stop the suffering of others, and that is her choice, and I commend her for it. Non-human animals never choose to be tortured for our [humans’] selfish purposes. When extreme acts of cruelty, oppression, exploitation, and murder are happening every second of every day to other sentient beings, it takes more extreme and attention grabbing stunts like this to bring about awareness of those atrocities. 

    Bravo to her!

  • Newspapersuit

    There are more human ways of getting the message across, this just seems diabolical.

  • imsublime

    save the animals…… ya, we’ll just test all our nasty chemicals on civilians.  Upon writing that statement, I had an ingenious idea! convicted criminals should be taken in to experiment new products on.  problem solved, damn im good.

    • Brendonius

      If you read Are Prisons Obsolete you might find that we already do.

    • Newspapersuit

      No, that is absolutely not a good idea.  

      Testing chemicals on them will make their temperaments worse, and therefore you get worse criminals.

      Detoxing their systems of any toxic drugs through using methods similar to getting smokers to quit, or alcoholics to quit their addictions will eventually soothe their minds and bodies, as well as being put on a vegetarian diet.  Europe and Japan are already doing this, it is the wave of the future.

  • Mike “The Hammer” Volchekz

    Thankfully the lotions and creams she was “subjected” to were tested on animals first, which protected her from any real harm.

  • anon

    I hope you guys would like a world where poilio is still, instant death from diabetes, and 80% of medical research never happened. Animal testing might be cruel, but you ask a dad who’s kid died from polio, and I’m pretty sure he’d be in favor of animal testing.

    • Kamaczzy


  • Big133tann

    this is amazing self sacrifice for the love of animals!