Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet and Personal Computers in 1974 (Video)

In 1974, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke told a little boy what his life will look like in 2001. As recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he claimed that every household will have a computer, and by means of it, we will be connected all over the world:

  • Metaguru

    Oh, this is too cool.

  • Redacted

    What about Flash Gordon?

    No, to be serious my Grandfather was one of the many people who brought about the age of Computing. You might call him a nameless tech, but I call him a Hero.

    The Ghost is real.

  • Ezra

    What about Tesla, he predicted it at the start of the 20th century! 

    • sonicbphuct

       got it on video? :-p

  • sonicbphuct

    but seriously – wow. being born in 1974, seeing this … unnerving. One wonders if – indirectly – we are stuck – but that’s not the right word – in his imagination: living anywhere, getting all your information from, buying theater tickets …. its too bad he didn’t provide a clear prediction for the details like paying for things with a credit-card.

  • Anomaly_of_Anomie

    0:53 : an excellent question…

    While Clarke has made a remarkable prediction, it is important to remember that he is also disposed toward a favorable outcome. There are two sides of this coin.  

  • Tjeski

    Anyone ever hear of Marshall McLuhan? Umm..pre-dated ACC in his “predicting'” of the internet and the “global village” but a couple of decades.

    • Jin The Ninja

       yes, MM was almost clairvoyant in his predictions, and although stylistically he isn’t quite accessible, his open ended rhetoric keeps his work contemporary. although his work is still assigned frequently- it’s almost as if there is a move to erase him from cultural memory.