Ask Not What Occupy Can Do For You…

Via Open University of the Left:

With more than 1,400 Occupy sites in the U.S., the success of Occupiers as a social movement and as a force for challenging austerity on the ground — supporting labor union struggles, reversing home foreclosures, opposing deportations, and raising awareness of education cuts and college loans — has raised the inescapable question of “which way forward?”

Mainstream and independent media have been quick to offer the Occupy movement an endless stream of advice. Yet, even when offered with the best intentions, much of this counsel is misguided.

OUL welcomes a panel of Chicago Occupiers to demystify the actions and experience of this creative and vital movement; demonstrate that the movement remains most connected to the needs of its immediate communities, rather then external guidance; and discuss the ways in which Occupy remains open to all levels of commitment by individuals and communities, as these panelists will introduce and outline. Participants were: Joe Macare, Brit Schulte, Rachael Perrotta and Natalie Wahlberg.

5 Comments on "Ask Not What Occupy Can Do For You…"

  1. AdBusters did start the occupy movement douche

  2. Oh is that those campers from last year? What ever happened to that whole thing anyway?

  3. They failed to take the lead from the Tea Baggers, who went for the primaries to get even more corrupt individuals elected.
    Occupy should have gone for the primaries both Republican and Democratic. Launched an open process for the selection of candidates, fully testing them, their intelligence, their knowledge, their psychology and their history and replaced the corporate stooges with , shock horror, honest politicians.
    Right now everything possible is being done to dissipate their effort, to break it up, to create thousands of messages out of it instead of one, replace corporate stooges with politicians who would represent the people.

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