Atheist Symbol Rejected By Capital One, But Jesus Is Preapproved

AtheistChris Morran writes on the Consumerist:

Consumerist reader Mike has a Capital One credit card. He’d hoped to get one of the bank’s customizable “Image Cards” printed with a big red “A” for atheism. His initial upload was rejected by Capital One, which sent him a long list of possible reasons. And when he called to appeal, things just more bizarre.

The first person Mike spoke with said they had no idea why it was rejected and submitted his appeal.

Then the image was rejected a second time. “I spoke to someone after the second rejection that someone there said that there was a note in my file regarding the fact that they do not allow religious or anti-religious images,” Mike tells Consumerist.

And yes, far down that list of possible reasons for rejecting a card, CapOne does list “Controversial subject matter such as political or religious statements and/or images.”

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  • Duane_eddys_gretch

    more consumerist crybabies. 

  • Earaches

    Maybe Capitol One doesn’t believe in atheists?

  • Conspiracy Carrot

    Funny how not believing in an angry sky wizard, his virgin wife and their zombie magician son is controversial.

    • d4l3d

      You beat me to about the same comment. Why should an anti-concept feel threatening (rhetorical)? For us mostly “leave me alone’ atheists, discriminating against a benign non-belief is beyond me. An added layer of irrationality.

  • Fleming1972

    Problem solved.

  • caribou

    what’s the preapproved jesus card look like? i mean, is he black, white, white hispanic, ummm… viking? and technically, conspiracy carrot, the virgin wife was married to joseph. he was a carpenter, not the angry sky wizard. i’m picking up what you’re putting down though, just sayin’.

    what if A was my favorite letter? or 666 my lucky number? ha! i can’t believe having a scarlet letter is still a problem!

  • BuzzCoastin

    what a great opportunity for atheists
    to stop supporting the Banksters usury racket

    may the non-god strengthen their anti-consumerism resolve

  • Redacted

    Are there any options for getting a welfare card decorated with Reagan’s face?

  • DeepCough

    Yeah, like I’m gonna look to a bank to affirm my First Amendment rights.

  • Scruffy

    Sigh when did not believing something become believing in nothing… I don’t need a symbol to tell people that I’m not gay or, not a Nazi… although, it might help avoid some awkwardness.

  • Jin The Ninja

    why would anyone want to commodify or commercialise (and in effect corporatise) their belief system (or lacktherof).

    hail capitalism, and the false god of profit, for we worship at its brazen altar.

  • vector theta

    This is great! Finally some good news for a change!

  • Okarin

    atheists lack the good side that christians have when it comes to p.r. going out to help the homeless, help the troubled, community building, going to other countries to help the people out there

  • Marklar_Prime

    Don’t believe in an invisible friend in the sky but you believe in debt based fiat currency created from thin air? Staggering.

    • Redacted

      God has never bought me beer and condoms on a Friday night. Fiat Currency has.

  • Guest

    It is always interesting to see just how aggressive people seem to think it is simply to say that one does not believe in God.

  • FAH Q

    Nobody Fucks With the Jesus!