Britain’s MI6 Dead-In-Bag Spy Sex Scandal

What is it with British spies and weird sex scandals that lead to their downfall? Not that the case of Gareth Williams has yet proven to be such, but that’s the tabloid speculation. This account via the Telegraph:

The maths prodigy was living alone in Cheltenham at the time and had to call for help in the middle of the night to be set free.

His landlady and landlord, who lived below him heard his yells and were met with the “shocking” scene, Westminster Coroners’ Court heard.

It is the first time the incident has been revealed and emerged in a written statement from landlady Jennifer Elliot at the inquest in to Mr Williams, who was found dead in a sports bag in the bath at his London flat in 2010.

The death sparked widespread conspiracy theories including suggestions he had been involved in some kind of sex game that went tragically wrong.

Searches of his home computers seized after his death revealed that he had been visited “websites of claustrophillia, and he also had access to bondage and sado masochism websites, the inquest has heard earlier in the day.

In 2007, Mr Williams was living in an annexe above Jennifer and Brian Elliot’s home in Cheltenham when the couple heard cries for help around 1.30 one winter night.

They let themselves in to the flat and discovered Mr Williams, who was working at GCHQ at the time, lying on his back with both hands tied to the knobs of the his bed posts and wearing boxer shorts.

The spy did not “appear aroused”, Mrs Elliot said, but he was “very embarrassed, panicky and apologetic”.

He was tied with some material that was so tight it was cutting in to his wrists but insisted he was “just messing about”.
Mrs Elliot added: “My husband said ‘What the bloody hell are you doing?’ and he just said he wanted to try and get himself free.”

Mr Ellliot cut him free adding: “Gareth we cannot have you doing this.”…

The latest speculation surrounds Mr. WIlliams’ possible ability to zip himself inside the duffel bag and is the subject of this video reconstruction:

[More in the Telegraph]


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  1. Got to love the British public school system. They fuck boys up worse than any Catholic priest  ever could. Then those boys grow up and end up in places of power.

    • Brian Dennehy | Apr 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm |

      So much for your theory, I checked and it is very clear that he went to a state school in Wales.

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