British Men Convicted For Nude Wiccan Fire Ritual

burninghellhouseThis is what can happen when you go too far trying to combat negative vibes. But as a believer in the power of burning sage, I’m sympathetic. The Telegraph reports:

Aftab Mughal went to see Terence Williams for advice and the pair decided to burn away the negativity using lit newspaper as part of a Wiccan ceremony.

A neighbour became concerned after seeing thick smoke coming from the flat. He climbed on a roof at the front of the house and, looking inside, could see Williams standing next to a fire completely naked and throwing things on to it, the court was told. He banged on the window to get Williams’ attention and shouted at him to get out. “The flames were licking around Mr Williams’ ankles at that stage. He was staring right through him.”

The pair had been burning white sage leaves and a candle as they meditated. But when Mughal said there was a “negative vibe in the air”, they decided to burn it away.

Both men pleaded guilty to arson and the judge, Recorder Jason MacAdam, told them “this fire was caused through stupidity rather than malice.” The judge said both of them had done a great deal of good in their lives, and were “dedicated to doing good acts for people in the future.”

3 Comments on "British Men Convicted For Nude Wiccan Fire Ritual"

  1. rileyrifle | Apr 25, 2012 at 6:50 pm |

    Wow. Way to go Britain. Now charging people who accidentally start fires with arson. How charming

  2. If Nude Wiccan Fire Ritual isn’t the name of a Stoner Rock band by the end of the week…

  3. are we suggesting the the pagan nudity somehow influenced the application of criminal charges?

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