Catholic Church Looking for Missing Exorcist After ‘Possessed’ by the Devil

ExorcistRichard J. Brennan writes in the Toronto Star:

A perceived demonic possession in Saskatoon has caught the Catholic Church there off guard since it has no one trained to perform an exorcism.

The Saskatoon Archdiocese is investigating after a priest was called to a home in late March where a 41-year-old man had carved the word Hell on his chest and was talking in the third person, saying, “He belongs to me. Get out of here.”

Church officials told CBC the priest did his best to calm the man down, including blessing him, before the man was taken to Royal University Hospital for a voluntary assessment.

Bishop Don Bolen told CBC it was not clear if the Saskatoon man was possessed or experiencing a mental breakdown. “I would think there are perhaps more stories about exorcisms in Hollywood than there are on the ground,” Bolen said. “But the Catholic Church teaches that there is a force of darkness, and that God is stronger than that darkness.”

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  • Redacted

    Possessed by the spirit of Dick Clark no doubt.

  • smooth_operator

    I just realized that reading about it, even in just a news article, is way more intense than any exorcism movie I’ve seen, knowing that some person is going through that bizarre shit in real life.  “A 41-year-old man had carved the word Hell on his chest and was talking in the third person, saying, ‘He belongs to me. Get out of here.'” Really? Fuck. I mean, can you imagine being a kid again, living at your parents place, coming home high on acid one weekend at three in the morning and experiencing that shit?

  • Tmamer2007

    Well, that headline is more than a little misleading. Saskatoon has been without an excorsist, it’s not “missing” one.

  • Bungle

    its  a lizard from the 10th dimension, the anunnaki. 

    • JaceD

      Shit, what about everything inbetween the 4th and the 10th?

      • Calypso_1

        I’m worried about the demon llamas from the 6th.

        • JaceD

          Oh Christ, and they’re comming before the 10th dimensional lizards?? Or is there no preference of order?

      • Bungle

        those are repelled by the common microwave oven. 

        • JaceD

          …. I don’t own a microwave oven… O_o

          • Blungle

            i will pray for your soul sir, while eating this delicious hot pocket. :)

          • JaceD

            You’ll PRAY for my soul while eatting someones pocket that’s of a higher temperature than warm? Oh Lord the 10th dimensional lizards are already here.

          • Redacted

            Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

          • JaceD

            “In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”
            …But what does it all mean??

          • Blungle

            word play. i pressed “like”

          • Jin The Ninja

            and you’re better for it. neither do we, and never will i have one.

          • JaceD

            Who want’s nuclear radiation in their food anyway? I’ll stick with my wood burner in my mud hut thanks.

          • Blungle

            what really kills you, is standing next to the microwave while it repels the lizards, and cold temps from tasty individually wrapped,  gastronomic master pieces.

          • JaceD

            Ah the chilly box that keeps food items cool and fresh? With a bottom doorway into a colder realm of carcasses and other such grotesque products fit for consumption?

          • Bungle

            i don’t always my microwave, but when I do I post about it.  

            we are clearly making the best of this I hope the afflicted gentleman recovers at least some of his sanity.  so he can can service the babes attracted to his new chest tattoo.

          • JaceD

            What was the article about?

          • Bungle

            some priest demon guy without health insurance 

  • Huuto

    Pills are stroger than the devil.

    • Zenc

      And spellcheck.

  • Zenc

    What happened to those juicy little white evangelist exorcist sisters that were featured a few months back?

    This should be easy peasy for them…

    • Jin The Ninja

      they only know how to exorcise black pagan demons from continent x (and shop?).

    • Bungle

      you can tell by the rapid dilating pupils, thats the sign of true evil. 

      Or true mdma,  that guy must have been to one hell of a rave.

      • Calypso_1

        In the presence of more overt signs of evil I’d be inclined to say scopolamine.
        In conjunction w/headache i’d say migraine with an ANS component, but I always keep Demon Possession in the differential diagnosis.

  • Rogerramjet

    Disinfo – the new National Enquirer. Cancalling. Entirely too much bullshit.

    • Redacted

      I know right? They wouldn’t even post when Chris Chan turned 30 while still a virgin, and officially became a Wizard. If that is not important, then what is?

    • Calypso_1

      Sorry the interwebz let you down : (

    • Rogerramjeted

       Great way to spell canceling (or cancelling). You clearly do read The National Enquirer.

  • Dr Thomas M Campbell

    Why is this headline so completely untrue? The story in the Toronto Sun is about the local diocese search to possibly hire a trained exorcist. There is no missing exorcist. There is no mention of an exorcist being possessed. 

  • Maurizio Mezzatesta

    this is what I don’t understand, if you’re atheist, is it necessary to degrade the beliefs of others?

    • Redacted

      Is someones little victim complex acting up?

    • Eric_D_Read

      Only those who chronically misrepresent, degrade and or demonize your lack of belief.

  • Barbelith

    “Hey youuu guuuuuuys”

  • Gregory Wyrdmaven

    Disinfo, please stop putting quotation marks around certain words in the titles of your articles.  When you do this:  ‘possessed’, you are immediately casting doubt on there being any such thing as being possessed which seeks to do the same thing to your audience that the mainstream media does.  Please just throw up articles here without trying to spin them yourself.

    If Disinfo has turned into a pro-atheist website, I wish someone would just say so, so I can move on.

  • Kahless2001

    The title of this has nothing to do with the story. Stop glorifying and try finding something interesting instead.

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