Dan Savage Discusses The Bible At High School Journalism Convention

Celebrated activist and sex columnist Dan Savage is in hot water for this portion of a speech which he gave to Seattle-area high school journalism students as the keynote speaker at a convention called Journalism on the Edge. Fox News, among others, has accused him of bullying Christian teens for saying the following:

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  1. Learn to ignore Fox News. Who gives a damn what Fox News says? Fox news is bullshit and lies. Of course they’ll whine, that’s what they do.

  2. you walk away from everyone that starts to say anything you don’t like? that’s a pretty shallow life if you ask me…. don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of stuff in the bible, but a lot of other stuff in the bible stinks worse than horse shit, it’s just poorly translated, poorly interpreted, poorly written. If you can’t teach yourself to think for yourself and interpret the bible, or any other text, religious, spiritual or not, with discretion than you’re a fool living by other peoples words.

    good job gay guy for pointing out one of the many stupid things religious people don’t bother to think about for themselves. I guarantee you Jesus would give him two thumbs up.

  3. DeepCough | Apr 30, 2012 at 1:08 pm |

    The irony: the Christian students who walked out of this speech are gonna complain about Dan Savage’s hate speech of Christian hate speech (if that makes any sense).

  4. He should have probably refrained from calling or implying that the kids were “pansy asses”. At least they were polite enough to simply leave and not seriously disrupt his presentation.

    He should also come to grips with the idea that the “christian” kids there in that auditorium were not the same people who previously kicked his ass for being gay and justified their actions with bible verse.

  5. AnimalsAreEqual | Apr 30, 2012 at 4:13 pm |

    And while you’re at it, question dinner, too. 

  6. Christians are weird?  Christians are stupid? No, guys who screw other guys in the ass are weirder by far. Forget the PC crap where a gay person can say/do no wrong, I’ve read this guy’s stuff and he stinks. Is there any religion in the world that endorses gay sex?  So then every religion must be wrong and Dan Savage is right? I think not     Fred

    • Christians tend to be hypocrite & seem to pick & choose which parts of the Bible they like so they can use it to support what ever they want. 
      This was all Savage was pointing out. (though they are pretty weird for believing in a fictional Zombie who apparently is everywhere…..)  But for Religions that endorse Gay Sex you only have to look at the fine choices in Thelema, Discordianism, certain forms of Tantra, Wicca, tons of Folk/Pagan Religions (though most include an Idea of the Third Sex)……I’m pretty sure it’s cool with The Subgenii……I could go on.

      But you seem to be prude…..just cause you seem to think a Guy sticking his dick in another dude’s ass is gross…doesn’t necessarily make it so…….am i still allowed to have Anal Sex with my Girlfriend (or is that gross too?) What about the people who like feet (or armpits)? Hell those are usually way dirtier than some assholes! Hell what about kissing? Tons of germs live in the mouth & some people got terrible dental hygiene! & let’s not get started on Cunts!

      i hope you realize it’s all a matter of perspective chapo.

      • Erick Chastain-Rivas | May 1, 2012 at 12:40 am |

        For the record I’m not defending this scumbag, I am however trying to give details for your correct statements and corrections for your factual errors above.

        For pagan religions: Norse law on bottoms is pretty harsh (they are basically subhuman), the Egyptian book of the dead requires that the dead spirit has not lain with another man, shall I go on (many pagan examples are like the Norse)? Ancient Indian law is harsh against homosexuality as well (eg the passages in the Manusmruti). 
        As for pre-clerical (folk?) religions that were more shamanic, homosexuality was incorporated in the rituals through shaman-fucking while the shaman dressed as a woman, so there you are correct. For new religions, sure there are options. I don’t know if the ones you mentioned though count as religions for those who aren’t crypto-atheists (since they often include atheists/agnostics/general disbelievers in supernatural things). Gnosticism is pretty tolerant though….  

    • Adamsshadow | Apr 30, 2012 at 7:49 pm |

       For someone who thinks gay sex is weird, you have apparently thought and read a good amount about gay sex.

    • yes. Believing in an imaginary, invisible friend in the sky who once gave birth to himself so he could subject himself to pain and torture and then die and come back as a zombie just so he could persuade himself to absolve us of sins he dictated and save us from a cruel fate he created for us… is kinda weird …. and stupid.

      Butt sex makes WAY more sense. 

      • oh,  i almost forgot Taoism is way less homophobic, as is Buddhism. 

        In fact Jesus stole a lot of his act from the Buddha….. 

  7. At that age too many people are convinced that if they discount biblical inerrancy they’re somehow disrespecting their parents’ views. Tough for them! They discount the (there are several, anyway) Bible’s inerrancy on diet but not on what’s really important and relevant in modern life, anyway.

  8. lifobryan | Aug 2, 2012 at 6:49 pm |

    Fox News consistently provides a textbook example of bullying behavior: they taunt, ridicule & verbally hit anyone they disagree with, always while surrounded by a pack of leering lackies. And then they quickly cry “unfair” whenever anyone turns the tables on them or hits back.

    That said, Savage probably could have made his point without the using the word “bullshit” (although I agree with his assessment). I suspect the kids who left were not necessarily disputing his take on slavery or menstruation or perhaps even gays …. but they took offense at him calling the Bible, (which in their minds represents their religion), bullshit. 

    Again, I’m on Savage’s team here … but I think he might actually have had a couple of converts had he handled his language a bit more artfully. 

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