Drones for Domestic Surveillance (Video)

Via RT America:

In January of 2012, the US Congress passed legislation that will open up the US sky to unmanned drones. The robotic aircraft will be used for military and police operations and will add to America’s current arsenal of around 7,000 drones. According to some accounts, peaceful protest might be a reason that feds would deploy the unmanned craft. There are currently 300 active drone permits in the US, but will that soon swell out of control? Amie Stepanovich, a member of the National Security Council for EPIC, joins us for more.

Abby Martin

Abby Martin

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Abby Martin

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  1. Continuous surveillance results in edited highlights. Highlights that can convict anyone of any crime circumstantially and via association with all counter evidence filtered and edited out.
    Let alone with modern computer technology in the hands of experts being able to alter digital data into anything they want.

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