Eight Santa Muerte Followers Arrested For Occult Sacrifices In Mexico

SantaMuerte deathMormonism or worship of the goddess of death? Which of the two major fast-growing religions will you pick? Via the Daily Mail:

Eight people have been arrested in northern Mexico over the killing of two 10-year-old boys and a woman in what appears to be ritual sacrifices. Prosecutors have accused the suspects of belonging to the La Santa Muerte (Holy Death) cult, which has been growing rapidly in the last 20 years, and now has up to two million followers.

The victims’ blood has been poured round an altar to the idol, which is portrayed as a skeleton holding a scythe and clothed in flowing robes. ‘They sliced open the victims’ veins and, while they were still alive, they waited for them to bleed to death and collected the blood in a container,’ said Jose Larrinaga, spokesman for Sonora state prosecutors.

2 Comments on "Eight Santa Muerte Followers Arrested For Occult Sacrifices In Mexico"

  1. Lmnop_nis | Apr 2, 2012 at 9:39 pm |

    Another stupid religion with crazy followers. Go figure, planet Earth.

    •  actually this ‘religion’ is an offshoot of a growing trend in santaria. due to the high number of casualties in the disastrous war on drugs, people are turning to death itself as a protector. because they see so much death everyday. that being said, i have never heard of blood sacrifices in any sort of muerte rituals. most likely this is a smear campaign against her by the authorities. an evil form of santaria exists but it has nothing to do with muerte followers.

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