EPA Collusion in Monsanto Coverup

EPAAlexis Baden-Mayer writes on the Organic Consumers Association:

2,4-D and the dioxin pollution it creates are too dangerous to allow, period, but in the hands of bad actors like Monsanto and Dow Chemical the dangers increase exponentially. What’s the Environmental Protection Agency doing? Helping coverup the chemical companies’ crimes!

In February, Monsanto agreed to pay up to $93 million in a class-action lawsuit brought by the residents of Nitro, West Virginia, for dioxin exposure from accidents and pollution at an herbicide plant that operated in their town from 1929 to 2004.

That may seem like justice, but it is actually the result of Monsanto’s extraordinary efforts to hide the truth, evade criminal prosecution and avoid legal responsibility. A brief criminal fraud investigation conducted (and quickly aborted) by the EPA revealed that Monsanto used a disaster at their Nitro, WV, plant to manufacture “evidence” that dioxin exposure produced a skin condition called chloracne, but was not responsible for neurological health effects or cancers such as Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

These conclusions were repeatedly utilized by EPA and the Veterans Administration to deny help to citizens exposed to dioxin, if these persons did not exhibit chloracne. The EPA knew the truth about Monsanto’s dioxin crimes, but it decided to hide it. Why?…

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  1. The EPA is there to help us… do not question the wisdom of big government

  2. InfiltratedSlacker | Apr 13, 2012 at 11:20 pm |

    The EPA has once again protected the environment surrounding wealthy digital bank accounts.  Double plus good, comrades!

    • Jin The Ninja | Apr 14, 2012 at 11:56 pm |

       i love the free market fellas on here raving about big guv, when in fact the article is about the collusion of corporation and federal agency- meaning for you simpletons ‘fascism.’ on the right. market ideas, brought to you by big brother.

  3. Anyone who hasn’t seen “The World According to Monsanto” probably should at this point.

  4. The line between Government and Big Business is not blurred… it’s gone.
    Welcome to the Corporatocracy!

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