Factory-Farmed Chickens Fed Prozac, Caffeine and Banned Antibiotics

Factory-Farmed ChickensSara Novak writes on Treehugger:

It’s no surprise that conventionally factory farmed chickens aren’t fed the best diet. We already knew that they were routinely fed arsenic. In fact, a 2004 study from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy showed that more than half of store-bought and fast-food chickens contained elevated levels of arsenic. Roughly 2.2 million pounds of it are being used every year to produce 43 billion pounds of poultry. It’s called roxarsone and it’s used to fight parasites and increase growth in chickens.

New research not only confirms use of arsenic, but finds the addition of a frightening elixir of drugs that includes caffeine, banned antibiotics, and even Prozac. Researchers started off testing just for banned antibiotics but went ahead and looked for other substances because it didn’t add to the cost of the test. What they found even surprised them, according to a story in The New York Times.

By doing a test on their feathers, which is similar to that of human fingernails in the way it accumulates chemicals, they found caffeine, antihistamines, acetaminophen, fluroquinolones (banned antibiotics), arsenic, and even Prozac (in chicken imported from China). Fluroquinolones are illegal because they have been proven to cause antibiotic resistant superbugs

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  1. Listen. Who the fuck cares? Nobody. That’s who. Because clearly this problem is not a problem of industry or of one person, or even of governance. Everything erupts out of the thinking of mankind. Men and women have created societies that reflect their thinking. So the whole system and everyone in it is involved in allowing such atrocities to occur, and those like me who would like to see sweeping radical and fundamental changes unfortunately have no power, and when given a platform are marginalized and accosted from every side, and in fact to get power I have to work in this shitty system so what can I do? What can anyone do? Everyone is trapped by their traditions, and upbringing, the system and thought.


    • Dobalina | Apr 7, 2012 at 5:38 pm |

       “What can anyone do?”

      Raise your own chickens.

      • I’ll incubate a free batch of chicks for anyone nearby (Tampa) that wants to get started.

        Easter Eggers, that lay blue, green, and occasionally light pink eggs.

        • Araucana is what I’m guessing your referring to. 
          The commercial standard would be the Cornish x rock. Which I grow, and are the most vile genetically crossed bird I’ve had the displeasure to nurture to it’s evisceration.

          • Ameraucanas and Ameraucana/Orpington mix.

            Easter Eggers are the name I use, as I make no pretense as to their pedigree.

            I love mine. Some are friendlier than others, but all of them will come up and eat out of your hand.
            Some like being held more than others, but even the roosters are good natured but still willing to face off danger.

          • I’m assuming those are your layers and that you don’t eat them? Never really thought of that breed as a “duel purpose” bird like a Jersey Giant or a Barred Rock. If you do I would be interested in your thoughts..

          • Yeah, they’re currently just layers.

            Some of the ones with a higher proportion of Orpington might make for dual purpose as that breed was originally bred to be, but I think the Ameraucanas would be a bit too skinny to raise for the table. The eggs are awesome though.

            When I got these girls a few years back I was surprised by the number of people who wanted me to sell them fresh eggs and table ready chickens.

            Could make for a very nice sideline income.

            Right now though, my chickens are pets with names and all that.(Well, a few of them just have numbers.) Only if the economy goes seriously south will I build a separate coop and run for some eating chickens.

          • I do 25 cornish x a year for our use raised to 12 weeks.These birds grow too fast IMO and develop leg and heart issues due to that. Which is one reason for the standard of raising this breed in the dark. The dead loss is astounding still.(mine are raised in an open movable coop around my property) It’s quite the experience, and has really opened our eyes to how we view food. Done right, the cost is not to far from the commercial cost..

            For our layers we mix up the breeds, aracanas, barred, rhode island reds, sex links..We name them, but the meat birds are just called the “dinner club” 😛

    • No one cares what you eat or mentally transform your frustration in the trap you help create and all the transference from your limited imagination which culminates into a useless rant on Disinfo..

      I suggest maybe taking a visit to your local Cornell Co op

      Your right, no one cares..

  2. >finds the addition of a frightening elixir of drugs that includes
    caffeine, banned antibiotics, and even Prozac

    according to the info in this article
    most Amerikans are factory-farmed chickens too

  3. InfiltratedSlacker | Apr 8, 2012 at 3:02 pm |

    Stupid liberals complaining about what is in their food.  Just eat it and shut up.  Conservative FTW!

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