Farmers & Food Co’s Rally Against GM Seeds & Chemicals

SOCC_logoThe dangers of using bio-engineered seeds and chemical pesticides in agriculture have been warned against by activists for many years, but now many farmers and food companies are sounding the alarm too, calling for government intervention. From Reuters via Yahoo Finance:

A coalition of more than 2,000 U.S. farmers and food companies said Wednesday it is taking legal action to force government regulators to analyze potential problems with proposed biotech crops and the weed-killing chemicals to be sprayed over them.

Dow AgroSciences, a unit of Dow Chemical, and Monsanto Co. are among several global chemical and seed companies racing to roll out combinations of genetically altered crops and new herbicides designed to work with the crops as a way to counter rapidly spreading herbicide-resistant weeds that are choking millions of acres of U.S. farmland.

Dow and Monsanto say the new chemical combinations and new crops that tolerate those chemicals are badly needed by corn, soybean and cotton farmers as weeds increasingly resist treatments of the most commonly used herbicide – glyphosate-based Roundup.

“They (farmers) need this new technology,” said Dow AgroScience Joe Vertin, global business leader for Dow’s new herbicide-protected crops called “Enlist.”

But critics say key ingredients in these new herbicides – 2,4-D for Dow and dicamba for Monsanto – already are in use in the marketplace and have proved damaging to “non-target” fields because they are hard to keep on target. Wind, heat and humidity can move the chemical particles miles down the road, damaging gardens, crops, trees. Many farms have suffered significant damage in recent years even though the chemicals are currently sprayed under tight restrictions…

[continues at Reuters via Yahoo Finance]


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4 Comments on "Farmers & Food Co’s Rally Against GM Seeds & Chemicals"

  1. Rush Hour | Apr 19, 2012 at 8:18 pm |

    If you look very closely, you’ll discover the number 666 hidden in the Monsanto logo.

    And my friend told me that her boss’s brother-in-law saw the president of Monsanto on Oprah, and he said that the company gives 10% of their profits to the Church of Satan.

    True story.  

    • Dude, Monsanto is evil enough
      without the Church of Satan stuff
      corporate CEOs are dull witted
      but not stupid enough to announce an affiliation with Satan

      stop eating Monsanto grown food
      it’s effecting your ability to distinguish bullshit from fact

    •  Your tone implies that you are a corporate shill out to discredit any opposition to Monsanto. What else? Tinfoil hats? Crop circles?
      Give your head a shake.

  2. If GM was really so much better you would think Farmers would be all about it.

    Funny how the Farmers side is never heard.

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