FBI Escalates War On Anonymous

Here’s what happens when you proclaim yourself to be the representative of the Anonymous meme. Buzzfeed reports:

Last month, the FBI raided the Dallas home of Barrett Brown, the journalist and unofficial spokesperson for the Internet hacktivist group Anonymous. The Feds seized Brown’s computer and cellphone, searched his parent’s home as well, and demanded his Twitter records, chat logs, IRC conversations, Pastebin info, [and] all his Internet browsing activity. The warrant suggests the government is primarily after information related to Anonymous and the hacking group Lulzec.


5 Comments on "FBI Escalates War On Anonymous"

  1. Dingledoo | Apr 27, 2012 at 8:32 pm |

    butthurt much?

  2. Tempo House | Apr 27, 2012 at 11:13 pm |

    >FBI escalates investigation of cyber-terrorists who hurt the 99%.


  3. Isn’t “records relating to Twitter” basically the same as asking for “records related to the US Postal Service” or “records related to Written in the Roman Alphabet?” 

  4. One great big fishing expedition and of course public punitive punishment (theft of all electronic devices) for the charges of not reporting his sources.
    This has nothing to do with going to trial, this is just blatantly attacking someone, applying punitive warrants that allow theft and then seeking more people to attack in the same manner.
    The Fucking Bloody Idiots, fucked up and they know it, major entrapment failure and they were the ones  who were conspiring to access without authorisation protected computers and not only conspired but did so upon a massive scale.
    All in the delusion of getting great promotions, building a political career by trapping thousands upon thousands of agents of ‘Anonymous’, the greatest criminal operation in history, well, at least the history of their deluded little minds.
    A bunch of FBI fuckups seeking revenge for being fuckups. These fuckups even lied in court, oh yeah, now that would be conspiring to obstruct justice, by diminishing the role of their stooley, the leader, instigator and recruiter of LuLzSec to being a mere ‘participant’, so when are these lying Fucking Bloody Idiots having their gear confiscated and going on trial.

  5. I wonder if their seeking records 1 & 3 means that they’re investigating the involvement of those firms in the well-documented criminal conspiracies to engage in many of the same offences (esp those under 18 USC 1030) listed in the warrant. 

    But why would they not, then, also be seeking records relating to Hunton and Williams, the elite DC law firm who put together Team Themis to assist Bank of America after being referred to them by the Department of Justice…. hmmmm, maybe criminal regimes aren’t that interested in investigating themselves and their friends, only those who threaten to undermine their extralegal artifices of authority -by-deceit-and-domination. 

    One can almost detect an unconscious will to bring down this sickening facade in the selection of the Team name of ‘Themis’.  While not implausible to suppose that these officious little miscreants may have been so blinded by Hubris as to imagine their ends to be aligned with ‘divine justice’, there is no escaping the implicit call to Nemesis; for where Themis is disregarded (or, as here, invoked as either wilful misdirection or blind misapprehension) Nemesis can be relied upon to deliver swift and wrathful retribution.


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