Forensic Evidence Is Foolproof on TV’s ‘CSI’: What is the Reality?

SkullsLeah Bartos writes on ProPublica:

This is how I — a journalism graduate student with no background in forensics — became certified as a “Forensic Consultant” by one of the field’s largest professional groups.

One afternoon early last year, I punched in my credit card information, paid $495 to the American College of Forensic Examiners International Inc. and registered for an online course.

After about 90 minutes of video instruction, I took an exam on the institute’s web site, answering 100 multiple choice questions, aided by several ACFEI study packets. As soon as I finished the test, a screen popped up saying that I had passed, earning me an impressive-sounding credential that could help establish my qualifications to be an expert witness in criminal and civil trials.

For another $50, ACFEI mailed me a white lab coat after sending my certificate. For the last two years, ProPublica and PBS Frontline, in concert with other news organizations, have looked in-depth at death investigation in America, finding a pervasive lack of national standards that begins in the autopsy room and ends in court.

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  • Adaugeo

    if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit. That’s reality. 

  • Okarin

    ‘as seen on tv’?

  • BuzzCoastin

    > finding a pervasive lack of national standards that begins in the autopsy room and ends in court.
    the Washington Post just ran a story about FBI forensic screw-ups

    Boycott Cop Kulture
    about 30% of network TV is devote to promoting Cop Kulture
    which is how the idea of omniscient police forensics is perpetrated
    and how omnipresent police surveillance is justified
    if they were so damned smart
    they wouldn’t be pigs

    • Monkey See Monkey Do

      All those cop shows make me sick. What’s even more sickening is how popular many of them are. They are amongst the most heavily promoted show themes around, they shove so much of that shit down peoples throats. Im not surprised the masses gave in and started consuming it.