From Kettles To Courtrooms: Authorities’ Backlash Against Protest

policerunVia Red Pepper, Nina Power on the ominous crackdown on our right to protest:

For every uprising, protest and political action there is an unequal and oppressive reaction. 2011 may have been ‘the year of the protester’, as even mainstream magazines such as Time acknowledged, but it also saw severe policing tactics, serious criminal charges and heavy sentences for those taking part in demos and other direct actions.

The past few months have seen students and other protesters charged with major offences – particularly ‘violent disorder’, which carries with it a maximum five-year sentence. Many people, often in their teens and early twenties, have faced crown court trials and been sent to jail for the flimsiest of reasons – throwing a lightweight placard stick, for example – and their lives have been seriously compromised by the stress and humiliation of a trial and the shock of prison. At the same time, policing at protests has been heavy-handed, including the use of kettling, horse charges and batons, and police are pushing for ever more resources (water cannon, rubber bullets) to ‘control’ protesters…

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6 Comments on "From Kettles To Courtrooms: Authorities’ Backlash Against Protest"

  1. Rock Lobstah | Apr 24, 2012 at 11:10 pm |

    protesters have been the “heavy handed” ones by blocking traffic at busy intersections and by preventing the 99% from going to work.

    • I’m sure they haven’t blocked even 1% of the population from getting to work.

    • Barbelith | Apr 25, 2012 at 12:53 am |

      Keep feeding the machine, eh?

    • we do appreciate the trolling
      thanks for stopping by

      by the way
      it was the Banksters who actually prevented
      the 25% unemployed from finding work

      it seems that in their mad dash to squirrel away Monopoly money
      they forgot that the game has real world consequences
      not to worry
      they’re fine
      but 25% of the potential work force is sucking air because of them

    •  So appropriate punishment for blocking the traffic of the 1%. To be clubbed, tortured with chemical weapons and then imprisoned for five years in a private for profit homosexual rape as part of the punishment prison, whilst engaged in forced labour.

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