Grant Morrison: “Gayness is Built into Batman”

BatmanInteresting takes on Grant Morrison’s own creations and the mainstream mythology he has worked in this interview in Playboy:

Grant Morrison is the leading writer of superhero comic books in this universe—and possibly some others. At DC Comics he rebooted Justice League of America into a best-seller. At Marvel he did the same for X-Men. When his magnum opus, The Invisibles—a series about voodoo, time travel and the Marquis de Sade—was in danger of being canceled, he mobilized his fans in an unusual way: He exhorted them to participate in a worldwide magic spell by masturbating on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, he held a “wankathon.” It worked—or at least sales of The Invisibles improved.

If Morrison’s personal history includes magic, wild experiments with consciousness-tweaking substances and reported alien visitations, why does he keep writing about square-jawed guys with capes? “We’re running out of visions of the future except dystopias,” Morrison says. “The superhero is Western culture’s last-gasp attempt to say there’s a future for us.” Sitting in his drafty house overlooking Loch Long, an hour outside his hometown of Glasgow, the 52-year-old writer smiles. “The creators of superheroes were all freaks,” he says. “People forget that—they were all outcasts, on the margins of society.” And then, inevitably, he shifts from the third person to the first. “We’re people who don’t fit into normal society.”

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20 Comments on "Grant Morrison: “Gayness is Built into Batman”"

  1. holy let down batman

  2. Does anyone else feel exploring batmans sexuality is akin to exploring ernie and berts? Like.. Yes the man must fornicate, but aren’t there some people who it just doesn’t matter with? I’ve heard that’s the reason we see no gays in Star Trek, Roddenberry cleverly retorts to the question with a response of: How do you know there are no gay people on star trek?

    Unless Batman/Buce wayne fucking is a plot element, then whom he fucks really doesn’t matter. Aren’t some things meant for behind doors? Especially an 80 year old comic book hero for all ages?

  3. chinagreenelvis | Apr 29, 2012 at 11:29 pm |

    Bruce Wayne is always getting shit from women he’s had sex with and forgotten to call the next day.

    Also, Vicky Vale.

    And Selina Kyle.

    And Talia.

    And Robin.

    I mean, not that last one.

  4.  He’s the Goddamn Batman, he can fuck whoever he likes.

  5. Batman & Robin his ass

  6. Namelesswon | Apr 30, 2012 at 8:25 am |

    its not real. gettit.

  7. Batman is a reactionary rich guy that likes to dress in black leather and beat the crap out of other men (possibly also dressing in black leather) and likes to hangout with younger men. Yeah, nothing gay about that.

  8. Ronniedobbs | Apr 30, 2012 at 10:03 am |

  9. I bet Frank Miller is apoplectic right about now.

    • Liam_McGonagle | Apr 30, 2012 at 5:08 pm |

      I thought Moore and the other Brit Invasion comic writers pretty definitively settled it that the traditional superhero genre is ultimately about fascism and its fundamental abhorrence of the “other”.

      Recent trends in comparative studies on sexual identity appear to be gathering around the consensus that it’s much less stable than western popular culture has portrayed it in the last 5 centuries or so.  For a plurality of folks, sexual identity may even be situational rather than a feature fixed throughout their lifetimes.

      That said, fascism’s core fear of heterodoxy does seem to lend itself to a particular, ironic type of homosexual identity that more tolerant philosophies don’t.  It’s “built” into the genre.

  10. it psychologically scared joker for life 😉

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