Green Glowing Object Fell From Connecticut Sky

imagesYahoo News on strange nighttime occurrences in Connecticut. I’m extremely disappointed that the police investigation was called off:

The Republican-American of Waterbury reports that a person driving in Litchfield at about 2 a.m. Tuesday reported that a green, glowing object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake. Officials say that at the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky near Bantam. Firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn’t find any debris. Authorities called off the search, leaving the mystery unsolved.

  • Aint_misbehavin

    Obviously, it’s aliens who Jacob Sloan contacted through the dreamworld coming to earth for a visit.


  • Freestuff

    pics or it didnt happen 

  • Mamagriff50

    Keep an eye on the lake……See wh shows up. Men in black maybe. Take pics when they do.

    • The Federal Farmer


  • Carlitosrj

    its the damn green lantern!

  • Heath

    “Welcome to Litchfield County
    where you will enjoy
    many rewarding opportunities for
    antiquing, dining, shopping, and relaxing
    in the picturesque Northwest Hills of Connecticut.”

    and uh green whales that drop from the sky..

  • MoralDrift

    This sounds like the opening of an X-files episode

  • Freestuff

    most of the these sightings with no evidence are caused by some for  electromagnetic force affecting    individuals mind creating hallucinations of hidden or ancient human fears. Like big foot, nessy and other cryptozoological beast. Some areas are naturally charged by the  earths setup like Stonehenge and some say loch ness is also charged with extra electromagnetic force. Its an affect of the force we don’t fully understand and it can lead to new technology on displays that uses our imagination to display information instead of external displays, true virtual reality. Right now these forces are out of control and  seem to be affecting the area of the brain the governs instinctual fears, leading people to see fearsome beasts from humanities early days, which could include some large lizards and ape like humanoids that probably were apex predators, which terrorized humans when we were just emerging as a distinct species .  I also theorize that water molecules passing by each other generate enough  force from friction that can effect the mind creating hallucinations that seem real but in fact are just a hyper realistic projection of a thought pattern, like a very vivid waking dream. Large animals leave large evidence, big foot would leave poop somewhere and so would nessy, no poop no proof. As for foot prints im not discounting aliens and hoaxes and some isolated beast (but big foot is seen in almost all these charged areas without physical proof) and also the human mind being able to physically alter its environment remotely under unusual and misunderstood circumstances aided by some kind of external force we have yet to fully discover.  I think aliens are very possible, I just think that most of the time its electromagnetic hallucinations and thats why there is no  solid evidence to most of these claims of sightings.  it also seems that this type of energy can act on biological remains projecting the full image preview of a being into a persons psyche ( a latent faculty used to gather information not unlike a dogs super sense of smell) recreating a brief moment in the beings extinct existence into the holopad that is a humans imagination making it seem real because we dont yet fully understand this phenomena and misinterpret as something in our third dimension when in fact its internal and perceived by the minds eye. I started thinking in these terms after reading 
    The Occult by Colin Wilson . The Book is mind blowing for someone who is not yet initiated into these esoteric topics. Its a big book but i read it fast because it was so fascinating and the author discusses more than just unexplained sightings, plenty more. For example some women who seem to have control over electro magnetic fields making hanging light bulbs swing then stop mid swing at an angle that is not possible, unless some other force is acting on top of gravity,  and making metal drawers open remotely. And more popular phenomena like 
    edgar cayce  (the sleeping prophet)  that would go to bed a book under his pillow and when he awoke next morning would know everything about the book not to mention would be able to see horse racing results before they happened, and many more incredible predictions. And this is all documented by science but not well understood thats why its not divulged as fact, since its ahead of its time and people dont like things that are ahead of its time for the most part, like the genius  nicholas tesla  and his amazing inventions, which would come to him intuitively and out of the blue, so much so that sometimes he had to draw them on sand, where he was standing so he would not forget their schematics. His inventions are far out even by our modern standards, and back in his days people were freaking out because its scared the hell of them. (new emerging technology not fully grasped thus feared or mistaken as supernatural or occult). humans dont like people  that have more power and its understandable as power can be scary. A person of power needs to be humble and have great timing about when to divulge something new and mind blowing in the least traumatic way possible.   

    • rtb61

       Or maybe some redneck just fired off pilfered large green military flare over the lake.

      • Heath

        nah..we were shooting lucky charms into the air, and the green clovers caught on fire..

    • crazyazzbaztard

       Holy cow Freestuff….. I think you may need to take your medications…. This definitely sounds like the ramblings of a schizophrenic….. Get help!

      • JaceD

        Or the mind of someone who takes an interest in thinking about stuff? Ya know like hypothetical thought experiments?

        Imagine that, someone who enjoys thinking outside the box!

    • Fukyou

      this person must pry to jesus.

      • The Federal Farmer

        did you mean to say “pry off Jesus”?

    • karma policeman

      I juste red the first line of your discorse and that was enough to understand that you are writing without any bases to sustain your theory, first can you explaine how is it that electromagnetic fields cause hallucinations????, and also how can a hallucination cause property damage and in some cases hurt and kill people!???????????????????????????????????? because if you do your reasearch right, you’ll find that in many big foot cases people reported property damage, foot prints, and in some cases people have disapear or found dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JaceD

        How would you know if he didn’t have any evidence to back his theory up if you only read the first line? What evidence do you have that bigfoot actually had anything to do with those examples you gave? I’ve caused property damage, does that make me bigfoot?

    • Kkett12001

      too bad you copied and pasted this from a book

  • Kevin Kirby

    Probably a nickel or magnesium meteor.

  • Comic Book Guy

    It’s Kryptonite or Green Lantern’s Powers.

  • Michael G. O’Hair

    Anyone seen the animated film Heavy Metal…?


    It’s a good movie.

    • Matt Staggs