In France, A Reactor Is Being Built Which Will Make Stars

To_Pit_Radial_2Soon we may have a glimpse of the world’s first star garden — imagine sitting within its confines on a summer night. BLDG BLOG writes:

An artificially excavated limestone pit in the south of France will soon host star-making technology. Construction involves inserting a supergrid of rebar into the quarried pit, securing the limestone walls with concrete foundation work, then pouring seismically-stabilized plinths that will support the so-called International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a kind of concrete garden that produces stars.

Nestled in its semi-subterranean, mine-like site and buzzing inside with radiation-resistant robot elevators, the ITER will recreate, again and again, “the process that powers the sun and most other stars. At extremely high temperatures, hydrogen nuclei will fuse to form helium, spitting out more energy than the process consumes, something that has never yet been achieved by a human-made device.”

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  • Nerf Herder

     “something that has never yet been achieved by a human-made device.”?

  • hashu

    What purpose does it serve…?

    • Curtis

      Unlimited power?

    • Francis Bacon

      Nuclear power, but quite a bit more of it because it is fusion.

  • Zenc

    I was just thinking this through…

    Sure hope they put some kind of roof on that thing. Otherwise, it’s going to be hell on airplane pilots or anyone who gets in the Line-Of-Sight of that thing.

    The article sure makes it sound like it’s unroofed (garden), but surely they realize they can’t conduct fusion reactions out in the open.

  • Mysterioso

    >In France, A Reactor Is Being Built Which Will Make Stars

    This awkward, passive voice sentence, which was submitted to Disinfo by JacobSloan, is something up with I will not put.

  • Alkwerte

    These idiots can’t deal with the disruptions, it will be broken every 3 months.

  • Threedinium

    So am I right in thinking it being called the -international- thermonuclear reactor that it’ll be expected to power the whole world’s energy? how would you implement that across nations? what are the political and social ramifications, would you need some sort of control across the board? Do you see what I’m hinting at, or am I flying off into fantasy here?