Mexican Drug Cartel Kingpin Revealed As FBI Informant

Cocaine BricksRichard A. Serrano writes in the LA Times:

Police and federal agents pulled the car over in a suburb north of Denver. An FBI agent showed his badge. The driver appeared not startled at all. “My friend,” he said, “I have been waiting for you.”

And with that, Jesus Audel Miramontes-Varela stepped out of his white 2002 BMW X5 and into the arms of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Over the next several days at his ranch in Colorado and an FBI safe house in Albuquerque, the Mexican cartel chieftain — who had reputedly fed one of his victims to lions in Mexico — was transformed into one of the FBI’s top informants on the Southwest border.

Around a dining room table in August 2010, an FBI camera whirring above, the 34-year-old Miramontes-Varela confessed his leadership in the Juarez cartel, according to 75 pages of confidential FBI interview reports obtained by The Times/Tribune Washington Bureau.

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7 Comments on "Mexican Drug Cartel Kingpin Revealed As FBI Informant"

  1. Dingdingchomp | Apr 23, 2012 at 12:37 am |

    WTF, its crazy how much stuff slips by main stream news.

    •  This is a rehash of the story, which appeared last year.

      The only thing they got incorrect is
      he was CIA, not FBI (minor detail, I know)
      but within the US, the FBI becomes his handler.
      They wouldn’t want to violate any of those laws prohibiting CIA activity in the US.

  2. Surprise, Surprise!

  3. teachpeace | Apr 23, 2012 at 5:52 pm |

    One has to wonder to which career they were moonlighting?

  4. More likely CIA: Cocaine Importers for America !!

  5. If I had to venture a guess, he’s probably CIA not FBI.

    They call them the Cocaine Importers of America for
    for a reason!

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