Mummies Made Out Of McDonald’s Food

Via Kickstarter, a West Texan artist named Ben is raising funds to construct more of his specialty: an army of life-size mummies made from McDonald’s burgers. He draws a murky connection between the obsession with immortality shared by ancient Egyptians and our society, and the fact that McDonald’s meat never decays. Personally I like the McDonald’s mummies because they seem to represent the dark corners of Americana culture sprung to life in monstrous form, ready to wreak vengeance:


  • MoralDrift

    knowing what I know about mcdonalds…from both reading and more than enough time spent working there, I should never eat it again….

    But this actually inspires me to continue. Like some bizarre ritual from ancient times that inexplicably continued I too will continue harming myself in the name of convenience and culture. I mean since I ate mcdonalds from a young age, had a birthday party there as a child, and fed myself on a steady diet of mcchickens during college…it really is my culture..good or bad. 

    Maybe ill stop..but not today

    • Pixelfairy

       people are still smoking too.

      • MoralDrift

        my point exactly

  • Matt Staggs

    Imagine McDonald’s Meat Mummy Man waiting in a dark corner of your kitchen when you get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. MMMM only needs one condiment: your blood.

  • Christian Long 

    Someday people will realize that all burgers that size, even ones you make at home from all natural beef, would do the same thing.  But, hey, whatever you need to do in order to sensationalize your message…

    • Matthew Michael DiFuccia

       Yeah. I was about to post that same thing.

  • lala

    Wow that’s crazy lol

  • surkobeeech

    So if I live off McD’s I should be immortal?  SWEET!

  • Kelli Halliburton
    This is the direct link to the article posted elsewhere here in the comments as a Gizmodo link.

  • Mordaunt

    Any small hamburger patty will generally dry out before mold or decay has a chance to set in. Check this link, which concludes: “the bottom line is that McDonald’s food behaves just like any other kind of food. If you let it dry out, it won’t rot; if you keep it moist so that bacteria & mold can grow on it, it will rot.”

  • Lisa Davies

    Supersize him !