Mysterious 450-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Fossil Baffles Scientists

monsterKing of the jellyfish? Or a giant, living, underwater doormat? Whatever your worst nightmare is, this ancient sea-bound entity could be it. LiveScience reports:

A mysterious fossil that has evoked images of a sea monster roaming the shallow waters of prehistoric Ohio [has] scientists stumped as to what kind of creature it was. One thing is sure: The enigmatic “blob” — discovered in elliptical pieces that, when fitted together, extended about 7 feet long, was once alive.

The team, along with the fossil hunter who discovered the 450-million-year-old specimen, suggest a range of possibilities: a type of huge algae or microbial mat, or even a member of the cnidarian family, which includes jellyfish (though scientists concede the jellyfish idea is highly unlikely).

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7 Comments on "Mysterious 450-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Fossil Baffles Scientists"

  1. I’m baffled as well! Totally.

  2. An ancient Big Foot print, Duh!

  3. It is clear that only intelligent design could have produced that blob of silly putty-looking stuff. 

    • Well of course, I mean why wouldn’t an infinitely intelligent deity such as myself create  a complex and amazingly beautiful creature like this…


    • Anti-Crowley | May 13, 2012 at 6:20 pm |

       No it isn’t you fool.  It is overwhelmingly obvious that it spontaneously came into existence from nothing for no reason at all.

  4. I sometimes fossil hunt in that region.

    There are some amazing things to be found.

  5. Anyone can see it’s obviously a big amoeba

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