North Korea’s Cafepress Shop

Searching for a coffee mug or t-shirt celebrating the North Korean regime, or a giant flag to display on your front lawn? The official Cafepress shop of the Korean Friendship Association (a sort of overseas, public relations arm of the North Korean government) is here to fulfill all of your branded needs:

Official shop of the Korean Friendship Association. Here you can find official art merchandise from North Korea. Show your support to our country!!


  • Scruffy

    If you’d like to support North Korea, they’re all over Nexon’s Maplestory exploiting US children.

  • Haystack

    I like how the propaganda is clearly labeled as such. 

  • Glenn Beck Is God

    Once again, socialists use capitalism to sell product.


    • Jin The Ninja


    • Andrew

      Once again, capitalists use socialism to produce product.

      Neither can exist without the other, you know.