San Diego Says Yarn-Bomber’s Stop Sign Flowers Must Be Stopped

stopsignIs it art? Is it vandalism? The city of San Diego is putting the kibosh on one of the most extensive yarn-bombing campaigns in history, in which 100 stop signs were turned into flowers via knitware. San Diego CityBeat relays a message from the artist:

I started planting flowers in earnest starting March 1st. The 100th one was planted last night. But today I got an email from Bill Harris who works for the city. I had expected it, and was considering an obstinate stance. After a 15 minute phone call, I decided to work with them, and plan an ending.

He started the call with “Congratulations on making it to 100.” He explained how people within the city had gone to great lengths to find a way to keep them. They even contacted other cities to find out what they did. “Even Berkeley takes them down,” he told me. The problem is that the stop sign is a traffic sign.

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3 Comments on "San Diego Says Yarn-Bomber’s Stop Sign Flowers Must Be Stopped"

  1. GoodDoktorBad | Apr 29, 2012 at 4:21 pm |

    Arbitrary authority stomps on all things of beauty in favor of the mundane. The mundane is seen as “safe”. Beauty is, after all, a very subversive influence…..

  2. Please help in saving the 100 knitted stop sign flowers in San Diego by signing the petition at

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