Scientology’s Heretic

Mark "Marty" Rathbun

Mark "Marty" Rathbun

This Easter enjoy the strange case of “Church” of Scientology’s very own Judas Iscariot, as told by Guy Adams in the Independent:

The men who came for Marty Rathbun wore a kind of uniform: dark glasses, clipped facial hair, and light blue T-shirts. Each carried either a microphone, or a video camera. On their chests were pictures of a squirrel, upon which a photograph of Marty’s head had been crudely superimposed. Topping off the ensemble were black baseball caps with an embroidered slogan stitched in white above the peak. It proclaimed: ‘SQUIRREL BUSTERS’.

There were four of them, and they appeared around lunchtime on 18 April last year. Marty was making a sandwich in the kitchen of his home in Ingleside on the Bay, on the Gulf Coast of Texas. When he heard them knock, he grabbed a video camera kept on his sideboard for such an occasion. Then he turned it on to ‘record’ and proceeded to the front door.

There followed a brief altercation which, even by the standards of YouTube, where clips of what occurred were later posted, seems impossibly surreal. “Come on, Marty!” bellows the group’s middle-aged leader, who wears a camera on his head, “got anything to say?” Rathbun asks who he is. “I’m with Squirrel Buster Productions,” comes the reply. “I’m doing an investigation on you, and your squirrel technology.” Heated discussions ensue. “We’ll be here for weeks and weeks,” promises one of the men, after Marty orders them off his property. Another adds: “As long as it takes!”

They weren’t lying. From that point onwards, men wearing ‘squirrel buster’ outfits began turning up outside Rathbun’s home every few hours….

[continues in the Independent]


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9 Comments on "Scientology’s Heretic"

  1. Oh my. It’s the Scientology version of the Reformation.

  2. For some reason, plenty of my “Skeptic” buddies have a real hard-on for Scientology.

    I try to point out that they’re no worse than any other religion, especially given its age. But they’re not swayed by my attempts to convince.

    • It kind of reminds me of Satanism, in the way it’s kind of trendy.

    • Adamsshadow | Apr 10, 2012 at 12:53 pm |

      Probably because Jesus, Mohammed, et al lived many centuries ago (if they existed at all…) and so we have almost no reliable evidence regarding what kind of people they were, whereas Hubbard died only a few decades ago, so we know first-hand what a narcissistic clown he was.  At least, that’s the way I look at it; that, and he stole the best elements of auditing and Scientology “counseling” from Jack Parsons.

      • Yeah, but Jack ended up with Marjorie and Hubbard just ended up as Hubbard.

        I know who I think got the better deal.

  3.  I am continually amazed that this organization continues to function. …and its leaders walk free while, their crimes well known, and completely un-prosecuted.

  4. Vincent Vega | Apr 9, 2012 at 2:52 am |

    More power to ya Marty.  If you find something that works for you and you don’t infringe on other peoples rights, who are you or I to judge them or their belief system.   I may not sign up for it but that matters not, it works for them.

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